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Lalalab Review


I wanted to talk about that website/app for a long time so here it is. I have so far ordered 4 times and each times I am very pleased. I mainly use the app as it is easier to access most of my pictures and it is fast, cheap and the quality is amazing compare to other websites.

The first app was launched in 2012 and its users are coming from more than 70 countries. I looked around but there isn’t much to say about who they are or where is the brand from. All I can say is that it is a very easy and affordable way to print your pictures and get lovely gifts for yourself or your loved one.

You can obviously print pictures and you can choose from different shape and sizes. But the most interesting thing is their box of 36. For the price of £12.90 you get your snaps in a lovely box so you can keep them in or at least save them for a future photo album. It can also be a marvelous gift for a friend and boxes always comes with codes to redeem on a next purchase.


I am not going to lie thanks to Birchbox so far I have never paid a box, only shipping cost. I did collect codes also but even without it the prices are very low compare to other companies and the paper they use for their photos is incredible and age really well.

You can also edit your pictures in the app to add titles or dates or change the frame color if you choose the Polaroid style. I just love it, again if you wanted to surprise someone you can even more personalize it.

On the website you can also make magnets, photo frames, canvas etc… and with points you collect each time you shop with them you never really pay anything full price. They also have offers all the time (at the moment it is 20%) and shipping are fixed and less than £3.

I just love the concept and the shipping is so fast! I ordered Last Tuesday and Thursday the parcel was safe and secure in front of my door. You can’t go wrong with that company and the app is really well done, so no I am not paid to say all those things and yes I do recommend Lalalab. 100%.



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