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Primark Beauty, Crash Test!


So the other day I was wondering around Primark’s Beauty section and you know I always have that feeling there. Its like I am on a diet looking at the a display full of sugar. So far I have been good but lately I was impressed with what I was swatching so I decided to pick up some stuff!

I started really soft with some brushes and pencils. Truth is that even if it is cheap it is way too easy to spend £20 or even £30 on make up and let’s be honest it can be really crap. But the beauty addict in me had enough, I need to make up (ha ha!) my own opinion.  January is the best month to talk about make up on the budget and I am wishing the make a serie out of this with maybe 2 other post then I will carry on with another brand !

Let’s start with the brushes. I picked two very different one because I needed one of them and the other well I was just curious about it. The crease brush was £1 and the other £2.50 so a bargain.



Let’s start with the dupe for the Artist Brush. You guys know the drill, those brushes were everywhere a few month back but the price is just out of this world. I picked up the smallest one I believe but you can get different type of sizes frim concealer to foundation.

I didn’t want to splurge £4 straight away so I grabbed the concealer/highlight one. I can’t compare to the originals as I don’t have them but I was very surprised. The actual brush wand is very light, made out of plastic and yes it does feel cheap. But the bristles are soft, dense and applied my concealer very smoothly.

I am used to my beauty blender and this is different in a good way. At first it looks like it drag the product away and feels a little stricky but then magically you get a blurr effect without any patches. I am really tempted to get the foundation brush now as it is actually a good product. The only problem is the after care, the brush wand is made out of  plastic and after a few wash I am pretty sure it will fade into pieces so beware if you wanted to buy it.

The other brush is just a regular crease brush but I was really surprised by the soft and fluffy bristles. Primark brushes are usually very cheap but this one is £1 and it does the job perfectly. I did wash that one several time and no problem at all. I am not very gentle when I wash my brushes and this one has passed the test and did loose any bristles or its shape. Very impressed!

Again I picked up small brushes but now I am really tempted by bigger one and their version of the beauty blender! I mean if it does work why the hell not ? Beauty tools are always extremely expensive so if there is a way to save cash I’ll take it.



I was not very adventurous in my choices but sometimes the simple the better. I did picked up a nude eye pencil because for me not matter what is the brand or the price usually nudes are the most difficult to find.

This one is by all means awesome. The actual product is creamy and super blendable and it stays put all day witout smudging or fading away like most nude.I was very satisfied also with the color it has a brightening effect and I even used it underneath my brow to lift a bit the area.

Next is the silver metalic eye pencil. I know crazy right ? It is not usualy what I am going for but I love anything holographic/metalic so I gave it a go. Same as the nude one. Intense, very pigmented and buttery ! It glides on like a high end product and it is also waterproof and it did last all day.

I used it in the inner corner or my eyes and I even went wild as I drawn an additionnal line next to my eyeliner. The tip is really fine so you can actually ise it pretty much everywhere you want. It is leggit glitter in a gel pen so you doh’t get glitter everywhere and it doesn’t move all day. When I swatched it, it was impossible to remove! I had to wait to go back home and use make up remover wipes!

So in conclusion yes I will try more. I am very curious about any face product and of course lipsticks. Next time I will pick 5 face products and why not some lippies for a third article. Hope you enjoyed this crash test because I did it was fun and surprising!



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