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My 5 food Essentials

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Today I wanted to talk about some food and drinks I have been loving lately. Since december and this new year my schedule has been really busy and I am trying to cut back sodas especially coke and red bull and avoid snacks such as chocolate bars or rich in calorie stuff like donuts or pastries.

I know the challenge is HUGE but so far, so good and apart fron the mint oreo the rest is pretty healthy so if you were looking for substitute or alternatives here is my choice and feedback on those 5 food and drink items.

Propercorn Sweet Coconut and Vanilla

Those can be found in most supermarkets and are really low in calorie. It is far way better to grab that as a snack rather than crisp or any chocolate. In general popcorn is low in calorie, we can make it worst with all these satured sugar, grease or salt we put in.

Obviously those are coconut and vanilla flavoured but there isn’t any artificial flavour or anything else. I love it, it is tasty and easy on the go and I feel way less guilty when I eat it. Not to mention the price which is less than £1 and around £1.50 for a big pack.

Clif Bar Chocolate chips

A bit on the pricy side but perfect as a healthy breakfast on the go, a snack after the gym or the fill a craving if you don’t have time for lunch.

I love the fact that it taste good. Most of energy bars taste like shit, I am being honest and real here guys! Clif bars are tasty, chocolate chips are yummy and the consistency is chewy and quite filling.

You can find them in boots and the whole food I believe but I really want to stress out that those are not snack bars or to use as a desert, calories are quite high in energy and if you eat that at the end of a meal you will feel sick and heavy.

Try it with a lot of water, a juice or even a smoothie. Peanut butter one are also yummy in taste. Be bold and try it ! You won’t be disappointed.

Mint Flavour Oreo

Ok so this one is not the most healthy part of my diet but I don’t care. Those are fearly new and cannot be found everywhere! I personnaly get mine at waitrose but it is worth the chase.

It is just enough mint and chocolate mix together. It is like having after eight in a biscuit. I just love when Oreo release new flavour. Wish I was in the states as they have so many flavours but hey.

Fiji water

So yeah water! Weird to actually review a “water” but it is hard to describe. This water is coming from the Fiji and it is a coming from natural sources.

Taste is crystal and round. I guess you are probably thinking I am fool but to me water got a different taste depending on the brand. This is is on the expensive side, around £1.50 for a liter and I get it at the whole food. I understand why a lot of people were fussing about it.

San Pellegrino Lemon and Mint

This is how have cut back on any sodas. The taste is so good and it is so refreshing. It is sparkling water with lemon infused with mint, of course there is sugar etc but it is a better option.

Again not that easy to find but my waitrose stock it and also the corner shop next to my job so I can also enjoy it on my breaks. Having any kind of sparkling water is a good substitute if you want to quit fizzy drink. Way less calories and still tasty, not to mention thet it helps to digest!



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