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Lalaland Review


This is a movie I wasn’t expecting to see but we wanted to go to the cinema and why not ? Not to mention that my husband is secretly in love with Ryan Gosling. I know, but at least I don’t get to be jealous.

I love the Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone duo. Those two are just a great match and weirdly I don’t grow tired of seing them acting together. It is always a pleasure for many reasons but the main one is because there is chemistry between the two of them and it works.

The movie was written and directed by Damien Chazelle and his vision is just on point on what a musical movie should look like. I know it is kind of boring for some people to watch those kind of movie but here Chazelle did a marvelous job at giving more importance to the storyline rather than having the songs take over the whole movie.


It is very hard to actually give you a plot description or any sort of summary of the movie. In a nutshell, Sebastian is a Jazz Musician playing Piano (Ryan Gosling) and Emma Stone is playing Mia, an aspiring Actress working as a barista to pay bills. Both lives in Los Angeles, the city where you can dare to dream but also where you can burn your wings. Of course there is a lovestory, very cute and not the main center of attention here which is refreshing but also the story of so many dreamers in the city of Angels.

In my Opinion this movie is a soft satyr of the American Dream and how and what you have to give up and achieve to get what you want. Chazelle does portrait Hollywood in a healthy mocking way and give us a nice intern glimpse of what is the Jazz music world about.


In terms of acting and singing I was really impressed with the both of them. It is actually nice to hear them sing and a pleasure for the eyes to see them dance. The soundtrack is amazing but (yes there has to be a but) I wish that not all the songs sounded like each other. This is the main problem in any musical movies but that being said I love Mia and Seb theme song, a soft lullaby with a jazz twist.

Overall I loved it. It is a no brainer movie with talented people knowing what they are doing and that is refreshing. No useless sex scene or blood bath or anything like that. It is just a feel good movie but that is worth seeing and talking about.



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