Make Up and Beauty

January Favorites

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Another month, another favorites. This month is a bit of a mix because I am not going to lie, I have used over and over the same things. January tend to be like that frankly, but I hope to discover and love more things in the next weeks and get together a juicy February Favorites.

Let’s start with Make up, there is only 3 items but like I said well it has been a quiet month on the make up/beauty front. So first of all I have been back to my first love and used it over and over and it is the MAC Plumful, I can’t never go wrong with that color and after the buzz of Christmas time I needed a no brainer lipstick. I need a back up now because no joke, I almost used it every single day.

I got in my Birchbox in December the Ciaté Fierce Flicks Eyeliner and I love it. Very similar to my beloved Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and I am pretty sure I will get back to this one as there is only £1 of difference but I was pleasantly surprised, It has been the only liner I have used this month. Easy to grab, glides on like a dream and dry matte and also very black.

The last item in Make up is the 3ina Cosmetics eyeshadow in 111 which is kind of a chestnut brown with a hint of shimmer, the actual color on that picture is awful by the way but it is the only one I found. It is less dark and actually a very good color for an everyday make up. The texture is buttery and the longevity very good, I was super satisfied with that purchase.

On the Beauty side I can’t get enough go my Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede. I got for Christmas the travel size one and now I can smell good on the go as well. I believe it is the only fragrance I have used the entire month so I had to talk about it.

Mercy Handy, I need to actual devote a whole blogpost about them one day. It is a french company well know for their hand sanitizers but they also have various different beauty items such as the hand cream that I love. I got it in my Birchbox but I already had a kit I bought in France and that hand cream was in it. I am happy to have a backup because it is a great product. It is different because the formula include beads so you can quench the thirst of your hands and exfoliate them at the same time. Genius! This bad boy hasn’t left my bag for the past month.

Now life style maybe ? We have a stunning collection at work for SS17 but generally Cath Kidston make up bags are my favorites. Last a lifetime, strong and also cute prints but this one is different and a bit more grown up and the best part ? The Rose Gold zip, couldn’t resist. The candle from Wax lyrical is a gift from my husband, I got 2 and I can’t stop burning that one which is the Gingerbread House. It is sweet and spicy and the smell is very strong. I am for sure going to investigate that company in the near future.

And you, any Favorites ?



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