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8 TV Show Alert !


Right it is again that time when I have watch enough Netflix to actually give you my opinion and thoughts so you can willingly or not go watch it as well. If you follow me you guys know that I am picky and quite inquisitive with my TV show choices but fear not those are worth for numerous reasons watching. Of course no spoilers, just my impressions and general feeling. You can scroll down without a hint of fear!


At first I was just curious, this show like many at that time is my whole childhood in a nutshell. But turns out that it is still funny, cliché and corny and I like it. Nothing new here, they took the same ingredients but different and it is pleasant watching it but you have to know the original tv show if you want to understand 90% of the inside jokes.


This is the most recent one. It is one of Netflix mini series, 8 episodes and around 8 hours watch. Perfect for a Netflix binge on a  rainy sunday afternoon. it is a sci-fi- type of tv show. It took me 2 episodes to really get in but now I can’t wait for hopefully season 2. Just to pitch you the show it is the story of a girl who disappeared then comes back after 7 years, what happen to her ? What is wrong with her ? Well you have to watch it to know the answer.


I got to watch that show way before Christmas I believe but it is worth mentioning it. Again short Mini Series, quite gripping and you get into the story very quickly. I love the concept and at the same time I feel that it could have been better. Hopefully a season 2 will be coming our way but to sum you up Between it is a little town that is put up in quarantine because all the adults are dying one after another. Prepare yourself for a lot of things you were not expecting.


Such a brilliant idea. Honestly one of the best in a million TV show I have watched. For once there is no sci-fi or vampires or anything furry. This is an ongoing show so I can’t wait to see the rest but to pitch you the story well you get to follow Annalise (a very powerful lawyer) and 5 of her students throughout a lot of situations leading to unfortunate events one after the other. I know I am not selling it well but if you like cliffhangers and being surprise, this show is for you.


This is the Show everyone was talking about for a very long while. It is gripping and fantastic, I give it to you but most of all the kids are just brilliant and their acting game is mental. You get also to see Wynona Rider acting in a Show, quite unusual and satisfying at the same time and the story is coming from pure genius mind. I can’t really give you any informations away just that it is set in the 80’s and that it is a mix of Stephen King meet Back to the future meet the Goonies.


Well this one I am kind of ashamed about it but why the hell not talking about it. It is of course the adaptation of the book and the movie combined together and quite frankly I got very attached to all the characters. I did not quite love the movie and just to be perfectly clear it is a teenager kind of tv show but hey I am 30 and I assume it and sometimes it is good to allow yourself to do whatever you want.


It is basically the story of Queen Elisabeth II in her first years after her coronation. It is very well made and the choices of actors are just perfectly picked. The actor playing Winston Churchill is on point and give such a performance throughout the whole TV show. Honestly you forget that the situation are real and you get into it very quickly. I did learn one or two things about British history and I grew a bit closer to my adoptive royal family.


I am actually watching the last few episode whilst writing that review. This is a spin off the tv show The Vampire Diaries and honestly I prefer way better that show than the other one. It is less cheesy and more about family and I will be sad when I finished it because this show has been with me for a few weeks now. I feel that it does go more into depth with the vampire and then werewolf origins and we get less tangled in the romantic whereabouts of the characters. There is also more witchcraft and it is set in New Orleans, I will miss the Mikaelson Siblings for sure, especially the Sassy Rebekah.




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