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Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review


So we all have been through that struggling time when it seems that all the foundations we have are either no suitable anymore or good to be tossed in the bin. Well this is how I feel now and I am in need of something new and refreshing and perhaps something that will surprise me.

I do have combination skin so I can be oily or very dry I guess depends on my mood and weather outside. At the moment I am at a crossroad, it seems like my skin is in need to be quenched with something that will not disappear too quickly or look like I wear nothing. I am more of a dewy kind of a foundation girl but I am open to new options.

I usually am a sucker for any foundation in a tube like that, as a matter of fact covergirl is usually my go to but in the UK it is very hard to find something I love.That being said, yes I do enjoy that foundation but there is a twist to that conclusion and I am going to explain you why.

The formula is easy to blend and easy to actually build. For my skin I had to build because my face tend to suck liquid better than a vampire in a need of blood. The fact that there is micro powders inside of the formula controls shine and smooth the skin very easily.


My pores are blurred and my skin oil free all day long and I gave it a go a few time before writing this review. I am picky and it is actually my first time talking about a matte foundation so from me it is clearly a compliment. But at the end of the day it did enhance anything on my skin and nothing was patchy around my nose which is kind of ride or die test for any face product on my skin.

The twist I was talking about is that I am blending it with my primer to illuminate and slightly change the formula to get something a tiny bit more dewy and it works. I did locked everything with a powder but I did also illuminate for a glowy finish with my Soft and gentle from MAC. So at the end when you to a little witchcraft here and there you get a perfect look that you can achieve easily with that foundation.

I also love the selling price, less than £6 and the color choice is quite good. I do still wait for the dewy finish one that is in the US but not here, I can’t wait to try it because it will be amazing and so cheap as a go to foundation for spring/summer, finger crossed for a launch soon.

Don’t expect a huge coverage though, if you have skin problems or very oily skin you will shine a little but this will control the damage as a barrier. After all it is an affordable product so it has its limits. I do recommend that foundation warmly anyhow because it has worked for me and because it has a good retail price, hope you guys find it helpful and if you have any comments, feel free below.



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