Planner Addict

Sticker Haul #7


I know it has been a little while since the last one but I had a hard time getting the last stickers set I ordered which I am going to tell you all about to let you know and prevent you from any trouble. But so far so good I am ahead of my sticker organization with all those stickers. Very happy !

Happy Cutie Studio

This shop has become a regular place for me to get my stash of stickers on a monthly basis and this girl rock. She always come with new designs and those are the cutest stickers ever, prices are very low and it is like nothing else you ordered before on Etsy. I love her sample sheets, always different and so good to get a taste of what other stickers look like and you can easily request things as there is a Facebook group where you can post your wishes and ideas.


The Plump Planner

Honestly you are probably beyond tired of me raving about that shop but Karen is the sweetest and her designs are affordable and there is a tone to choose from. Lately her style has change a little but for the best, I love the themes and every week she release sneak peaks on instagram and there is always something I love. You have to be aware of the fact that her shop opens once a week so follow her to know when.



I did order those stickers back in November so it was a hell of a long journey to get them through my door. First nothing arrived so I didn’t really worried because it was the middle of december and sometimes it takes time but then after 3 weeks I sent her messages and no answer. Her shop was closed and social medias kind of frozen. I left messages on instagram, Facebook and Etsy and after a while I got an answer. She was sweet and apologies and told me she will send again my stickers. I didn’t want my money back because those stickers are unique, Friends quotes are something I have never seen before and Amazon one very useful. The harry potter one is also beyond cute and I collect them. Anyway after a few weeks still nothing and once again she was not answering my messages so I started a PayPal battle to get my money back and a few days later my stickers were apparently on my way. I finally got them but honestly I will never again order from her if she open her shop again, too much troubles.




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