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10 things I have learn about cats


Let’s step away a little bit from the make up world and let’s talk about real things for a second. Not that make up is not important, it is beyond a number one priority in my life but so is my beloved Kitty Pistache also.

I am the proud Mom owner of a black furry cat with green eyes for about 5 month now. This little ball of fluff has taken over our lives, organization and of course hearts. She is so much joy and yet she is driving me crazy at some times. I have never had a cat before, I am a dog person to began with but long story short one of my friend changed my mind completely about that now and falling in love with an animal changed also the deal.

I still love dogs and cherish the dream of adopting one of my own one day but for now our Kitten is enough. So I have learn a lot of things, it is always the case to be fair when something is new in your life and I hope some of you will smile and find comfort in this top 10 of things I have learn about cats because Geez, I didn’t know that those purring machines could make your life such a living hell. In a good way of course, it is like having kids, you hate them in a loving way. You know what I mean right ? Let’s start shall we ?


Number 1 – Let’s forget about your sleep, cats owns the night!

Yup, I can’t even remember the last time I have slept until like, hum let’s say 7am without having her meowing next to my ear or scratching my bed or purring like a crazy rabbid animal. I am not a heavy sleeper at all so generally I can be disturb by anything but this little furry thing has decided to bug me until I wake up. She knows that I am the one to poke and annoy, I usual shout, through pillows at her or even push her but at the end, she wins. Story of my life.

Number 2 – At least twice a day your cat will be possessed by the devil 

I just don’t know how to say it in a nice way, no joke! She will run, scratch and meow and in that order in a repeat/pause/play mode over and over again for about 15mn. Then she will fall a sleep wherever she was and snooze for endless hours. Sometimes I just watch her and seriously consider calling a priest.

Number 3 – Food in the bowl, no! Food on the floor, yeah!!!!!!

Apparently not all the cats are doing that but in this case she does. She scoop the dry food in her paw and toss it on the floor. Sometimes she eats it straight away, sometimes she play around so my flat is a dry food dispenser, I keep on finding everywhere little ball of food and thanks God she is a cat so if that cause me some rat problem she will have to take the matter in HER paws.


Number 4 – Let’s poop once you have just change my litter tray!

Because A, no I do not enjoy it as a matter of fact and because B it is taken me at least 10mn so bloody hell, what is wrong with her ? I mean do you go and poop straight away when you have just cleaned your toilet ? Nope you enjoy it a little while but not 3Mrs I don’t care”, she like to jump into it and do her business straight away.

Number 5 – Wear slippers always, it is a matter of life an death.

For two reasons. Number one my cat has a fetish for toy with sticks, she likes to take her toys in her mouth from one room to another so those things end up everywhere and dear Lord if you step on it bare foot, may the force be with you! Number 2 it is rare but she will jump sometimes from under the bed for no reasons and attack your toes. I have the weirdest cat ever…

Number 6 – I like to wiggle around and show you my belly when you come home.

That is not something I was expecting. Usually cats are individualist bastard, they don’t welcome you and only give you attention for specific reasons. Mine is seriously a dog stuck in a cat body. She is behind the door when I come home, meowing and wiggling like crazy. Once my coat and shoes are off she stays put laying on her back, waiting to be scratch on her belly. What kind of cat does that ? Seriously am I doing the cat parenting wrong ?


Number 7 – Watch you step at home, you will never walk the same way!

This is I think for everybody. But my cat is alway going back and force in between my ankles so walking straight is actually one of the hardest thing when I am at home. I almost killed her many times and when I feed her I always end up with food or water on the floor because she is making me loose my balance. Charming, you can never EVER relax!

Number 8 – I will never blow dry my hair the same way.

She is terrorized and mesmerized both at the same time by my hair dryer. Let me explain, so as I put my gear out to dry my hair she will run next to me, sit down on her butt and watch me like a stalker. If I dare blowing it her way she will panic and go backward into a wall but she will never leave. It is like she wants to keep an eye on it at all time you know, just in case. Now every time I have to blow dry my hair I have a creepy furry stalker watching, I am scared.

Number 9 – Beware of the monster called “feet” under the duvet cover.

Again it is a cat thing but honestly it is EVERY night. when I crawl into bed and as soon as my feet are underneath the cover, she jumps on the bed and attack my feet. Now I have learn how to slide myself quietly and I usually fall asleep in an awkward position because I am trying my best not to move.

Number 10 – If I fit, I sit! Number 1 rule of cats.

And that does apply to pretty much everything. A box, a bag, her litter tray topper, fresh linen, cushions and last but not least your face. The first few weeks we had her she was sleeping every night in my neck rolled around like a freakin’ snake. I am pretty sure she was trying to choke me to death, but ha ha! She didn’t succeed. That was cute to be fair, but now she is getting bigger and is still doing from time to time so waking up in the middle of the night with a 4kg cat around you neck well, quite a pain if you need to pee.

That is it, hope you have enjoy it and feel free to share if you have any more “cat behavior” related story. bye and HAPPY VALENTINES day!



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