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Worth the Hype #1 : MAC soft and gentle


I have been using that baby for a while now and I couldn’t find a proper way to talk about it. I do like it, let’s start with that but I wanted to go even more in depth within the review.

Then I got the idea to every month to talk about a product that has been around for a while or that beauty youtuber or bloggers are raving about. Let’s be positive here so I am going to only talk about the good one but I will once in a while write a post about a few that I don’t like because let’s be real, I have been really disapointed in the past and currently.

This is a product that I couldn’t really wrap my head around. Is it a powder, a bronzer or an highlighter? Well it is all 3 together and that is why I like it so much, it is a no brainer product to use.

First let’s start with pigmentation, yes it is pigmented but not too much which means that you can’t really go wrong like you could with a bronzer and look orange or muddy and in general that is how you ruin your make up.


It is a mineralize skin finish which means that it is enriched with 77 minerals and formulated to be used on the high points of your face or all over. If you don’t like shimmer beware and stay away but if you are in a glow phase or you like your skin to be dewy and glowy well Soft and Gentle is going to be your best friend.

You get 10g of product in a very nice and see through compact. I just wish there was a mirror but no one can be fully happy right ? Also I got it at the airport in the duty free so it was cheaper than the usual price but £24 for such a great powder that you will use over and over is a bargain. Take the Hourglass one, almost twice the price and a smaller size.

Sometimes I feel that people are too much into MAC and that we have way better product out there or for the value of your money but you know, they know what they are doing and at the end of the day most of my Holy grail products are MAC.

Soft and Gentle is no exception and I am pretty sure I will buy it again if i finish it one day because it is a never ending product. So yes It is worth the hype and every penny, you can go (whatever who you are or what is your skin tone) buy it with your eyes closed.



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