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February 2017 Favorites

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This month has been full of discovery in all the categories! Either beauty or make up well I don’t even know where to start and I had to narrow my favorites. I don’t want you to be bored guys and anyway don’t be afraid full reviews will come on many of those products very soon, keep your eyes peeled.

Let’s start with beauty shall we ? I have been loving for quite a while now the Tony Moly Panda Brightening Eye base, I use it to cool my under eye area and it does wonder. It has the benefits of the cooling eye mask with some really good nutriments and it dries very quickly, it de-puff my eyes in a jiffy so I love it morning or night depend of the state of my under eye bags.

Coconut Body Oil ? Yes please, I have been intrigued and scared at the same time by any kind of oil lately. I was stupid because I have a very dry skin, like very dry honestly in winter time my body is sucking any type of cream so I gave the Aroma Dreams Coconut Body Oil a go. It is made in the states and it was really cheap, like £5 in TK max, which is a bummer but I know now that body oils are fine for me. It has helped my cracked skin so much, it sinks in the skin very quickly and your body does not feel slippery and has a bonus it smells like sunscreen lotion, love it!

I just want to carry on the coconut thing, I picked up a few weeks back that Coconut shampoo from Herbal Essence at the supermarket out the blue. It was on promotion and I thought why not, plus it smells really good. I have to say that Herbal Essence has never been my cup of tea, I use to buy it as a teenager because all the girls where into it and Britney Spears was a Brand Ambassador but since then I never been attracted by their products. I was wrong, The coconut one is made for hair in need of moisture, hydration and leaves them silky and very smooth. I need that, I do color my hair and I do use different shampoo to treat any kind of problem I have and this one helped a lot, I need to try out the conditioner asap!

In terms of make up, I am not going to lie but there was a lot to choose from but I had to make a decision. First of all, Eyeshadows! I believe I have never more fell in love with eyeshadows this month. I was at boots a couple of weeks ago and my eyes got caught by those new nudes color by Bourjois in the Little pots. Back in the days, in my early 20s, it was my only sole kind of make up. Those eyeshadows are so good and it is a pleasure to re-discover the velour texture of those little pots, this color is so soft and light but yet very unique and chic on the eye lid. I am very tempted to get more of that range!

My second eyeshadow is an iconic one, the Stila Kitten. I swear I was not planning on getting it but Jaclyn Hill was talking about it and for some reasons I got sucked in the Stila Stand in M&S. Believe it or not it is hard to find, even if it is their iconic color every time I wanted to purchase it, it was out of stock and at some point I completely forgot about it. For £12 you get a lot, it can be both an Highlighter and an Eyeshadow and the color is a soft beige champagne color with a peachy but yet pink undertone. I don’t think you got it but fear not, an article is coming about it.

I have finally discovered a new foundation. Trust me I was kind of desperate lately because my skin is dull, tired and full of imperfections so you know even if I own a good handful of foundation none was pleasing me. The Bourgeois Healthy Mix has been reformulated and repackaged and I love it. It is dewy but yet the coverage is medium to full depend how you layer and I do not look wet or shiny, just healthy and glowy. I love how it seats on the skin and how it last during the day. A very good foundation for less than a tenner and on promotion now in Boots so run, as fast as you can!

I have only use the Barry M flawless mist and fix this month. It is a very good and affordable setting spray and compare to other it doesn’t contain alcohol which is a plus because I have very sensitive skin. I have already raved about it in an article but I had to put it here as it was part of my daily routine this month.

Lippies ? Yes please, I did a full article on my latest Zoeva haul but I can’t get enough of this Zoeva Lipstick lacquer in Crushed Bloom. I never thought I would love a liquid lipstick that much, I have been wearing it all the time and compliments have been flying around it. Again I am going to shut up about it because it is probably annoying if you follow me but it is a good product and a true favorite. The other one is a Colorburst Lip Crayon in Honey by Revlon, I needed something not too nude and easy to wear and apply and I was in a rush so I grabbed that. Turns out I worn it almost everyday since then when I had nothing on, instead of a balm I was picking up that because the color is very sweet and soft and it is so hydrating and comfortable to wear. I do own a tone of lip crayon from various brands but Revlon got the best formula!



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