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Primark Beauty Crash test #2


So after the very successful first crash test I decided to go ahead and splurge a little bit of money on some more things in Primark. I picked up a foundation, a strobing kit, lip products and some sponges.

You will see some things are great, others are just not for me or simply not worth buying because the quality is simply not there. I think it is relevant these days to try cheaper things because make up and beauty is getting better and better and sometimes something worth £3 is better than another one worth £30


PS…2 in 1 foundation and concealer dewy finish

Let’s been straight forward and honest, I did not like it at all. I am going to start by stating the facts like the color range, very small maybe 4 or 5 shades so I picked up the lightest one “ivory”. On the back of my hand it was ok, but I couldn’t access the concealer that is in the lid and this baby was way too muddy and brown for me. The smell also is very inconvenient and doesn’t go away once on, it smells like clay and it feels like clay when you put it on.

So let’s start with the concealer. The consistency is actually fine, thick but bendable but the color on me is atrocious. Also having the concealer in the lid id a good idea but I actually don’t enjoy any product in a pot apart from face cream and this one is no exception plus it crease like nothing else and make me look dead.

The Foundation is dewy and that is the only good thing I can say about it. That formula doesn’t try at all and even if you powder it well it is worth. I don’t think it is one of those “not for me but maybe for you” product. I just think the quality is bad and that I have lost £3 in the process.


Ps…Strobing Kit, Highlighting Powder Palette

This one is a very good surprise. The price is £4 and you get 3 colors to highlight, sculpt and powder. It is a bit powdery but easy to blend and use. The lightest one is actually a very nice highlight color and it doesn’t grab on dry spots or exaggerate pores.

Like I said it is powdery but if you dab your brush you will be ok. I forget to take a picture of it but it come with a decent brush in the box and that is a nice plus. If you are on a budget it is a really good alternative because it does look really nice and glowy on the skin.

It does last like very well if you fix it with a setting spray and the bronzing color is actually very nice to just enhance your skin tone.

I love it and I will use it plus it is compact and fit in a bag so why not. The mirror is also very nice and convenient but beware of fall out that would be my only problem here because there is a lot of talc as a base ingredient but it is not that bad things considered.


Ps…High Shine Lipstick Crayon in Rose Quartz and Lip Liner Pencil in  01

I grabbed that High Shine Lipstick Crayon because truth to be told I was blown away when I swatched it on the back of my hand in store. The color is stunning and the pigmentation is such a lovely surprise for a Primark product.

It is a lovely lip product for only £2.50 but the only drawback is the smell. It does smell like plastic and it does not go away. But it is a very highly pigmented product and it does last for a few hours before fading away. It is one of those easy to apply and maintain product plus it does not bleed or transfer on the teeth, at least on me!

The Lip Liner is another very good surprise. I just have to say that the color doesn’t match the packaging because I wasn’t able to swatch it and I was more expecting a plum rose color than a nude but still the formula is creamy and easy to draw on the lips and it can be use as a base for a lot of lipstick as it is a nude. The price is £1 so hell yes I recommend it !


Ps…Pro Non Latex 4pk Mini Blender

I wanted to try something different and beauty sponges are a hit or miss for me and those are definitely a hit. Despite the fact that even the mini beauty blender one are not really loved on reviews or by beauty gurus those ones are brilliant.

I always keep one in my make up bag and now it is totally part of my beauty routine to apply concealer and correct fall out around my eyes. I love it and it is so cheap, I need to try out the big version as those one are so good.

Overall, Primark is not perfect but it can be seriously considered as an alternative if you are on a budget. They have many fun items and their basics one are brilliant for the price and use you are getting out of it. So take the time and browse at Primark because some items are really good and budget friendly.



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