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Worth the Hype #2 : Stila Kitten

stilakitten0I just love that new series because I truly believe it gives a fresh new look on products that are maybe too much in the loop of hype. This is the Number 2 in the Worth the Hype series and I have put to the test today one of Stila’s Best seller, Kitten. A lovely eyeshadow at first glance but overall way more than that, so yes it is certainly worth the hype and I am going to tell you why.

Reason 1

It is affordable compare to other mid high end brand. Let me just start by stating what is “mid high end brand”, it is for me brands that are not drugstore but not cheap. I mean when I think High end, brand like Dior or Marc Jacobs pop into my mind. So the brands I qualify in that category are Too Faced, Kat Von D or of course in that case Stila.

It is here in the UK a £12 eyeshadow and you get more product than in a single eyeshadow in M.A.C for example. It comes in a lovely bright packaging and the compact itself is cute and slim but steardy. I would though be careful as it look pretty breakable so might be better to actually keep the card board packaging around.

Reason 2

That pigmentation girl! Out of this world, it is a texture like I have never tried before. Buttery but yet bouncy and you can use it dry or wet for more intensity. It is a perfect eyeshadow for those days when you need to look glowy and awake. I used it often on 7 or 8 am start at work and people were still telling me toward the end of my shift that my make up was on point.

The color is a shimmering nude pink and I would like to explain the “shimmering” bit. So just to be clear there is no glitter, it leaves a nice in between texture of metallic shimmer meet loose pigment. It does have some fall out but nothing that a setting spray or a creamy shadow underneath can’t fix. I use underneath the NYX lingerie metallic eyeshadow and that is a hell of a combo.


Reason 3

It is a versatile product. What I mean is that it can be use both as a highlight and an eyeshadow. Perfect for the brow bone also and gorgeous in the inner corners of your eyes. I also love the fact that it can be worn on its own on the eyelid, it is such a flattering color that I only pop a neutral color all over my eyes, Kitten and smudge the outer corner of my eyes with a matte light brown. That is all you need, mascara and you are good to go!

The only mistake I have done is trying to get a cat eye for a day look. It doesn’t look nice, it would be perfect to go clubbing but for instance if you put that for your shift at work with some eyeliner on flick people are going to believe you are going straight to your second job as a bartender in Soho.

You got it, it is WORTH every penny and that is not a lot to pay for such an incredible quality product. Stila Kitten is one of those statement product you need in your make up gear and everyone can use it, in my opinion it would suit all skin type and color. Thanks Stila for that incredible discovery.



One thought on “Worth the Hype #2 : Stila Kitten

  1. It looks so pretty. I’m trying to find an everyday kind of shadow, this looks like it could be in the running. AML ❤ Thanks for your review.


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