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Birchbox March 2017


This month box came a little bit later than usual and wherever you go on social media there was a big huge feud about that. Personally I am ok with the box being late, February  was short after all and you know what we got the box in time so no big deal. The only problem is apparently the company not answering questions about it, it is quite frustrating and I get it because at the end of the day we pay for that service.

Anyway, this month box theme is hard to explain! There is kind of a nautical/Postage feeling but the box is sleek and simple, I have to admit that I love the simplicity and the content of the box is good. There is no full size this month but that is ok, the only thing I hated was that the booklet inside (that wasn’t included in my last month box!) was just a 2 pages one with descriptions of products and that is it. No tips, no sneak peak and just a trip for Paris to win. I just feel that it could have been better done.

I love 4 products out of 5 which is amazing but that self tan, please Birchbox stop sending me those because I know I am as white as a baby butt but I don’t want to use self than!! It is just a sample wasted, but other than that thumb up for everything!


Bobbi Brown Masks set of 3 mini tiny sample

Ok I lied when I said that sample size were ok but those are so small I don’t even know if it is enough for a one time use. I just love the fact that now Birchbox got Bobbi Brown products but this is ridiculously small. It is a set of 3 face masks that include a radiance boost, a instant detox and a skin nourish. I love the idea and those are  very expensive on their own (£33!) and I can’t wait to give it a go but come on this is simply a counter sample than you can probably get for free not a deluxe one.

Balance Me Instant Lift Primer

Love this even though I don’t really like the brand. The main reason is because the scents are way too “natural” for me and by that I mean that it smells like herbs way too strong but this one is actually very pleasant to smell. I love anything that can minimize my pores so it is a very good sample and I can’t wait to give it a go.

Batiste 2in1 invisible dry shampoo & conditioner

I am actually very happy because I wanted to try that but paying almost £5 for a full size bottle was really putting off. I love the idea and the scent is divine, a blend of Vanilla and Passion Flower. I don’t know if it is going to condition my hair but I exclusively use their dry shampoo and I know this stuff is good so I believe it is going to be awesome!


Benefit They’re Real Double the lip in Lusty Rose

That sample is amazing, I love deluxe sample from Benefit. It is one of the only brand to do that and I much prefer to try out small samples before getting the big expensive one. This is their newest addition to their “they’re real” range and it is a combination of a pigmented lipstick and lip liner. Love the idea but I already wonder how it works on the lower lip, I will keep you posted on that in a blogpost soon I have in mind about Benefit.

Vita Liberata Luxury Tan – Ten minute tan

No, no and no. I need to send them a request about that because I believe it is the 4th self tanning product I got so far and I never use them. I end up giving them to my Mom so it is not a waste but damn it, I hate it when I receive product I know I am not even going to touch plus it look like a glorious mess when I opened it. Just no!



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