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Logan : Movie Review


Today Guys is a sad day. I just want to start that review by saying that I might reveal some spoilers so if you don’t want to know or haven’t seen the movie well save my article and come back later or just don’t scroll further.

I am Sad with a capital “S” because it is the end of an era, the end of my childhood and teenage years. I did realize whilst watching the movie that Logan aka Wolverine is for sure on my top 5 superhero favs. He ticks all the boxes ; Bad temper, big mouth, bad ass and super duper cool claws and at the end of the day he is a softy inside.

This movie is about a wounded both inside and out Logan, the X-Men years are gone and he is aging and sadly dying. This movie is realistic and we are flash forwarded in a future where Mutants are yet again hiding and almost instinct. Logan is taking care of a ailing Charles Xavier in the border of Mexico and his life is a very heartbreaking mess.

It is unreal to see him and the others like that. That whole movie was a masterpiece in the Marvel world and Hugh Jackman portrait this aging Wolverine in such a beautiful way that you are kind of wiped out from all the past memories of the glorious years of the young Logan.


The movie set up the tone quite quickly and the main topic is passing on the mutant legacy to a young generation. What I mean by that is Laura, she needs to be protect and she is in danger and Logan is her best hope. We get with them on a journey in a road trip to North Dakota. I am not going to spoil more because that would be unfair.

I did love how James Mangold portrait that huge Marvel character, he was also the director of the previous Wolverine movie and even if it wasn’t a bad movie well it wasn’t the most glorious either. This time the story line of that character has been brought to another level, it is so realistic but yet fantastic that I almost thought it was a Zack Snyder movie.

We all love the X-men (shoutout to my fellow geeks and freaks on that one!) but even if the subject is spoken from another angle well it does the trick for me. There is still some hint hint here and there like the visual references to the actual real life comic books and the fights scene. There is blood, a lot but you know what it is when it comes to Wolverine, he cut and slices like no one else and don’t blame him! He has got claws!


The Story line is spotless and I love that Kiddo, bad ass from her very first fight scene to her very last heart melting scene with Logan. She is a very good cast for the role and I love how she is “silent” half of the movie. Not to mention that thanks to her we get to hear from her and Logan the best punch lines.

Charles Xavier ? Well that old guy is also dying and got seizures like no one else, trust me ! There is a specific scene where I felt the pain of everyone. He is a great second role here and brings the best and worst in Logan, it was lovely to see him once more.


The villain ? Vilain ! He is an ass and his name is “Donald”, like it couldn’t have been better in terms of timing. Not to mention the constant reference to Mexicans but I am not here to start a political debate. He is an ass, excuse my language but there is no other word and I loved him as a Villain here, he is a constant threat but you don’t see too much of him which is nice.

It is a very good movie overall. Dialogues, special effects and story line are the best I have seen for a Comics character so far. Even if Logan is broken, sick and at the end of the road well you feel his pain all over the until the end and YES I cried  because well, you will see. The end of an Era guys, the end of an Era…



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