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Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Range


It took me a while to actually be tempted by that range. I am not going to lie but even if I love anything coconut I do always thing that it is not for my type of hair. On the contrary! It is exactly what I need, coconut is for hair in need of moisture and shine plus it gives a healthy look without damaging anything more.

I love that range and right now it is on a by 3 get 1 free and that is what decided me to jump into the wagon of Lee Stafford Coconut range.


The range is I believe made out of 11 different products and obviously it is only for your hair. There is something for everyone from Shampoo, to hair mask or Protection spray. I picked up 3 things and those are the Hairspray, dry shampoo and coconut spritz.

Before I give you a review on each individual product I wanted to talk a little bit about the brand. It is a brand I have never tried before and the price range is affordable for a drugstore brand. Lee Stafford cover pretty much every kind of hair from blonde to brunette and without forgetting Frizzy hair. A bit of a John Frieda look a like, not a critic of course but it kind of slip through my mind.

I also love how the scent is sweet and not too woody, it almost smell like cotton candy and honestly it does smell all day long. Ingredients are good, I did not encounter and inconvenient and it actually did a big deal of difference since I use those products. My hair are back to life and look and feel less chemical than usual. A big thumb up for the brand, I also invite you to go on to read ingredients if you were tempted.


CoCo LoCo Dry Shampoo

Lightweight, does not leave a white dusty powder and smells amazing. I honestly am quite lost because it is as good as my batiste one and I do prefer the formula of that one as it does not make my roots “white”. I must say I was surprise and no matter how much you top up during the day it does not pile up and leave a weird touch on your hair. Yummy and very efficient!

CoCo LoCo Hairspray

What I love is mainly the fine mist! I was pretty amazed the first time I spray that product in my hair. The formula does not leave your hair crispy or crunchy and it holds everything in places ! And of course as a little plus it makes your hair smell amazing all day long! Love to abuse it.

CoCo LoCo Coconut Spritz

This one is a bit tricky to explain. It is mostly a refresher for your hair, on the actual packaging you are told to use it on towel dried hair first and then refresh it throughout the day but just as a touch up is more than enough. I have been looking for a product like that for ages because it is not a live in conditioner, not an oil or spray but just a refresher that leaves your hair shiny, alive and with volume. It also give you a nice sweet coconut scent and to me it works as giving my flappy hair texture during the day.

the rest of the collection was also very promising and I can’t wait to try out almost everything, not going to lie but I do really recommend that range if you were looking for something to give life back to your hair. The formula has got nothing harsh so if you are a girl with colored hair and damaged hair don’t be afraid, it works and at drugstore prices!



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