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The Beauty and The Beast Review


Bonjour ! Good Day !

Ha ha, where do I began ? It is kind of hard because there is so much to say, and I kind of have the liberty to do whatever I want and spoil because everybody knows the Beauty and the Beast.

I did go to the cinema with my 5 years old heart, yes I was 5 when the animation movie came out. It does give me chills, not going to lie! 26 years later I don’t know what I was expecting but it was an amazing surprise and by far the best adaptation I have seen.

Everything is so nice and wonderful to look at. Costumes, landscapes, make up! There is such a huge effort put into that movie and that is heart warming. I love How the Little Town was build and his inhabitants. Colors are vibrant and there is all the way long that cartoon feeling and the musical scenes are to die for.

The movie Follow pretty much the exact same path as the animation, they added extra songs and scene of course but over all you will find it all. The ballroom scene, the village scene, the wolves scenes, the rose scene etc… They twisted some characters like “le fou” or Belle’s mother story but it is not a problem. I am not going into the “gay” thing that has been going on because it is pointless but I will just say that for us (or me!) adults it brings the movie on another level of humor because yes “le fou” is hilarious.



Emma Watson was such a good choice. She is quirky, sassy and cute as a button. She has got everything, first she does look like Belle. In terms of features she is Belle, same eyes and hair plus she has got that young but very feminine look. She portrait the character in a beautiful way, giving little girls such a good example to follow.

Her costumes are to die for and I love that they refreshed her look. It is nearly impossible to recreate the exact same thing in real life so instead they re invented Belle’s style but for the better. Not the mention the iconic yellow dress that gave me the chill ! Stunning and so modern with the ear jewelry she is wearing.


The beast aka Prince Adam

Because yes the Beast is not his full name. It is never mentioned but I thought I would give you a heads up on that.

The CGI and special effects are so well done, the Beast look so damn real. A bit scary at some moments and very realistic. I love how you can see that it is Dan Stevens turned into a beast plus I like his teeth, he looks like my cat!

He portrait a beast that is a tad different from the original in the sense that he doesn’t moan or complain about his condition as much. As a viewer, you quickly fall in love with the beast, even faster than Belle does. Quite frankly it does remind me of the first ever beast, the one from the original french movie in 1946 portrait by Jean Marais, a true Chef D’oeuvre.


The Beauty and The Beast

As a “together” they are perfect. Look at the picture, the postures and the look they give each other. Both actors brought back to life these two iconic Disney characters and honestly my heart melted totally during the ballroom scene.

The Beast costume is gorgeous and well put together, an oldie reinvented and a little bit more darker. Belle is gorgeous in everything is there, I couldn’t have imagine it better as a movie costume gown.


Castle Servants

It took my a little while to love them as much as I loved the old crew but they are all lovable and so realistic. I love the choice of actors although why not choosing a real french to portrait Lumiere ? But Ewan McCregor is perfect as an “english” choice of actor but still you can tell it is not a real french accent!

Love them all and even if they are very different it is very hard to stick to the old version as a life action movie. They took a risk but it works and the magic is definitely there.


Mrs Potts and Chips

I had to mention them because they are my favorites. As a little girl I imagined that Mrs Potts was my Mom (she is a tea lover and got that protective attitude as well) and I was Chip and to tell the truth I was a bit disappointed because it is very far away from the original design.

Don’t get me wrong I still love them even in that version, especially because Emma Thompson is Mrs Potts and it is a game changer but in my wildest dream I would have made them a little more friendly and less “dark”.


I love the photos and the colors, overall it is truly a movie that is worth watching and going into theatre to see on the big screen. The script is spotless and the actors are amazing, I did not talk about Gaston because even if Luke Evans is a very good choice I hate that character, he is despicable! I used to truly hate him as a kid because he was a bully and an awful person.

There is so much things to mention like the relationship between Belle and her Dad or The Love between Lumiere and Plumette for example. But if I discuss all of that we will sit there all night long.

As a final thought please go and watch it, bring your whole family because it is not just for kids. In the contrary it is also for grown up who remember the old time. I had a blast and I am going to leave you with one of my other special favorite character, Froufrou the Dog turned into a stool. Always made me laugh!



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