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Worth The Hype (or not!) : Benefit

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Right so I might be in your Naughty list but I believe that it is time for me to let the truth go out loud and clear : I don’t like Benefit Products But (Yes there is a “but” nothing is black or white)…

They have although very good brow products but in my opinion it is too expensive for what it is. I am going to talk about 12 products and there is 3 that I love and well 9 that I do not think it is worth the hype.

Don’t take that review as a criticism it is just my own opinion and experience over the past couple of years. I got lucky because I never paid for any products, I tried everything through numerous samples and free items but it doesn’t change my opinion.

Benefit is everywhere from youtube videos by Beauty Gurus, blogpost or even social medias so I think it is worth talking truthfully about my honest experience because I haven’t seen many article saying real things about their products. I don’t mean to hate on anything, some products are brilliant in that brand but it is expensive so guys read the following because that is what a review is about.

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On a positive note Let’s start with 3 items I love. The one and only worth the hype in that whole bunch is the Porefessional which is a primer, it blurrs all your pore and make your skin bullet proof and ready to receive foundation in the best possible way. It has that waxy consistency that blends in directly and make your whole face make up last longer. Price is high but worth every single penny. If you were looking for a bronzer and splurge a bit of your money the Hoola bronzer is a gem, perfect color and pigmentation and blending power like nothing I tried. I do own a full size one so that is your proof I love it and the shade is hard to find anywhere else so well done Benefit. Last but not least the Roller Lash mascara, it is their best so far but even if it is a good one it does not really justify the almost £20 as you can find drugstore one for a fraction of the price but still it is an awesome mascara.

Now into the naughty one on my very long list. First of the face, I tried many times the Licence to Blot from the porefessional line and I don’t see the point, what is that product suppose to do that the Porefessional doesn’t ? Blot, ok but what is the point because it is hard to put on and it is a really inconsistent product so a pass for me. The Dream Screen sunscreen is also a big joke, it is a nice SPF 45 don’t get me wrong but the price is hilarious (£27) and you can get the same result getting a drugstore sunscreen in boots or superdrug. The other product I was really upset with was the Puff Off and I don’t really see the point of that product either. I used it over the course of probably 2 weeks and it did not do anything plus it has a tint and slight shimmer which is odd because then you don’t know if it is skin care or a make up related item.

On the make up side well it does not get better at all. The whole They’re Real range is a disaster on me ! The mascara is clumpy, does not lift my lashes and transfer very badly. The Tinted Primer is not that bad all things considered but very pointless plus why does it come in brown color ? It does gives a certain hold but not worth the expensive price or £26. Also I can’t talk about the They’re Real range without mentioning the terrible liner that probably everyone dispise. Reason ? Weird shape, formula and consistency, took me a million try to get something decent and everytime I used it I had a terrible make up day. Last but not the least they came out recently with the They’re Real Double the Lip lipstick, I am one of the few to dislike the formula. I was suppose to get a nude color with Lusty Rose but turn out it is very orange, too matte and way to much drying. It is not a formula for me and I don’t see the lip liner and lipstick together doing a great job.

The last two items are not that bad but not worth buying because you can get the exact same things in cheaper brands. The first one is the Air Patrol eye lid primer and don’t get me wrong again (feel I am repeating myself here lol) because it is a good eye lid primer but for a fraction of the £23 benefit is asking you can get one from Rimmel or Maybelline. Same with the High beam which is a beautiful highlighter but there is nothing special about it, it is a common rose champagne color and it does not age well, at the most it will last 6 month before getting sticky and hard to blend.

That is all my thoughts please don’t hate me or judge me. It is just an honest opinion. If you have any tips on how to use better those products or any comments please be my guest I would love to change my opinion because after all it is a brand full of potential but sorry I don’t see the hype.



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