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Bourgeois Healthy Mix Foundation


Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

It took me a while but I wanted to have the best opinion ever on that foundation because drugstore products can be great but age really badly sometimes.

This Bourjois foundation does not at all. It is a true gem at an affordable price and it is finally a formula than my combination skin can fully enjoy. So if you are like me with dry skin but oily at several places well keep on reading the review.


It’s a pump ! They actually have updated their design and it is more actual, feels heavier and a bit more luxurious overall.

You get all the infos you need on the packaging and nothing more, on the old one it used to be very overwhelming and confusing. I like it now better and it is easy to keep clean and free from germs.

Capture d_écran 2017-02-26 à 16.36.41


It is a very unique blend of vitamins that brings a radiance boost to your skin without looking too heavy or glowy. Unlike many foundation this one hydrate like a moisturiser and does not look caky, it is comfortable until you remove it at the end of the day.

On the packaging it claims to have a blend of C, E and B5 vitamins which is amazing because I do not break out at the end of the day at all if I have been wearing my foundation for too long.

The Anti-fatigue was also a huge selling point to me because like a bright concealer it brings my whole face on other level and give me those extra hours of sleep that I am sometimes clearly lacking.

In terms of longevity it does last all day but I wouldn’t approve on the 16h claim which is on the bottle. It will last until the end of your work day but if you go out or need to keep it fresh until late you will have to touch up some major zones like nose, chin or T-zone.


Overall I am going to leave you with swatches (above) so you can see roughly how it look on my hand but go in store and swatch it, color selection is not amazing not going to lie but you can adjust with the right concealer or by contouring correctly. My shade is 52 Vanilla by the way and the price is £9.99 in most drugstore.



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