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5 Books I adore

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I wanted to do that for a very long time and a while back I was in Anthropologie and these Edition of my favorites books by Puffin In Bloom with gorgeously illustrated covers by Anna Bond just made my heart melt and brought back so much good memories that I had to do a whole blogpost about it. Those 5 books are close to my heart, childhood and nostalgia. They are cult classic stories but still actual and perfect for young and adult mind.

Little Women

Let’s Start with probably what was my first novel I ever finished as a child, Little Women. This book is just everything to me for several reasons. I just love the story, characters and Jo…she is the woman I wanted to become. Strong, Independent and full of life. It is also a story set in another time and I always loved that.

The Story ? Well in a Nutshell it is the life story of the March family during the post civil war in America. Those 4 little women and their mother trying to survive because their beloved father is at war. You follow Jo, Amy, Meg and Beth from their childhood and nothing huge happen but it is a life lesson. The main character is Jo and truthfully it is a book that every little girl should read because each March Sister are an example to follow.

The Vampire Chronicle

I chose that title instead of Interview with a vampire because Anne Rice wrote a series of book about vampires and they are all connected. Those books were my first introduction to vampires in so many ways and way before Twilight was born (thanks God!).

If you haven’t watch the movie with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt well you should and those vampires are just everything. They do not sparkle, they are ferocious but yet you learn to love them page after page.

I love Lestat, he is what a Vampire should be. In the series there is a book completely about him and it is fascinating because you are transported through time, thoughts and events and in another world.

I truly enjoy reading those books over and over first because it is great literature and also because it gives me my trust in good story telling restored.

Alice in Wonderland

I am a huge Disney lover, not fan please make the difference. I love Disney but as a whole I am not a creepy adult hoarding on weird memorabilia. I am more of a nostalgic because I grew up with Disney, I was 5 when the Beauty and the Beast came out and 8 when the Lion King thrived on the screens in cinemas. Glorious time!

But I was always mesmerized by Alice in Wonderland. I love more the Book because there is way more details and I had a serious idea of the characters in my mind when I was 8. I was obsessed, I read the book before seeing the movie and I think since then I might have re read it around 20 to 30 times.

Alice is fierce, strong and full of imagination. I wanted to be her as a little girl and follow the white rabbit. She is also curious, says what she thinks and is full of determination. She is also a nut job, but it is a thought you only get once an adult!

Anne of Green Gables

One the first book I ever read in english I believe. Learning another language at a young age is easy and when I was comfortable about it only a couple of month after my first day of school I picked up that book because all my friends were telling me that I couldn’t be a true American without reading about Anne Shirley.

And that is my friends, the most stupid sentence I ever heard now that I think about it but at least it push me into Anne Shirley’s life and since then I have a soft spot for her every single time I hear her name.

Again it is settle in an old America, full of hope and very naive people. Anne Shirley is an orphan and by mistake was sent to an old couple of brother and sister. Turns out that Anne was just what they were looking for in life and then you follow Anne from her first day in Green Gables as a child to her life in her mid twenties.

A Little Princess

As a little girl I was weird. Ok that is no secret for anyone but one of my favorite movie even before I was old enough to read was A little Princess, the version with Shirley Temple. It is such a beautiful and sweet story and I have to say that it is one of the biggest influence in my life up to now.

When I got old enough to read it is one of the first book I asked for. It taught me to not be arrogant, to be generous and to help other. Sara has such a big heart and this book teach the biggest lesson in life : putting other before you.

Sara is an only child, she has been living in India with her wealthy Dad since almost her birth. One day her Dad has to come back to England and because of his job as an officer Sara is placed in a boarding school to prepare her for role in high society. But Sara’s Dad is so wealthy that she has special treatment like a private room, maid and pony. The headmistress is a nightmare and her fellow friends at school jealous. But Sara is a good little girl nor selfish or arrogant, she missed her Indian culture and like to help other.

It is so hard to do a summary, trust me. But is is so heartwarming and beautiful, some of the dialogues are still stuck in my head and Sara is the prime example on how we should all treat people and grow up in society.



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