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March Favorites

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March has been a long and very exhausting month. I did tried a lot of things and most of them are still in the process of being tested or I am not entirely sure if I want to do a review about it. So I got back to some basics and the love was strong.

My skin is a little bit tricky lately to work with and I had to find solution to cover that up. I feel that I am getting more mature, not that I have wrinkles or getting less firm but my skin is changing and I feel that a lot of the products I own don’t suit me anymore. I guess it is normal but very hard in terms of getting it right.

I have a really hard time especially with my nose and upped chicks, which means that my pores are going a little too much cray cray. I got in my birch box a sample of the Balance Me Instant lift primer and that product is wonderful. I do not like the smell, like every single product from Balance Me but what is actually inside in the formula is full of wonder for my skin. It blurs my pores and make my skin smoother to apply foundation and hydrate a lot so it has been a life saver recently.

To powder my face I am going back to the Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder. It is the most affordable and efficient clear powder you can find and it does not break if you carry it with you everywhere. I had serious issues with all my beloved powder but not this one so it is a win win situation. It does not look caky, it just set your make up and the powder is so fine that you can’t see it but it is there locked in. I am more and more getting into clear powder as I don’t want to apply too much make up on face, don’t get me wrong I love my make up but I like to be natural and healthy.

I got a while back another Zoeva palette (shout out to the blogpost I have done on it which you can find by typing the brand name in the search box) and this one is the “Au Naturel” so a full on nude palette with a good balance of matte, shimmer, light and dark color. All colors are beautiful and with those 10 shades you can go from a soft natural look to a deep brown smokey eye. Zoeva is my favorite brand of all time in terms of shadow, for the price and quality it is beyond amazing and I think I enjoy it more than M.A.C, Too Faced or Urban Decay. No joke, it is that good!

I ran out of my mascara, wanted to try another one from the drugstore because I have been using my Maybelline one for an eternity and well a blogpost will come your way I will not reveal what it is because I am still puzzled about it. But, yes BUT I had a sample of the Too Faced Better than Sex and I thought that it was the perfect timing to use it and let’s be frank I have so much make up to try, put on and so many samples that I sometimes don’t have the time or forget that I have it. It is a very good mascara, I am using it constantly but again I do prefer my drugstore one and the Too Faced one is 3 times the price so No but as an in between why not.

HAAAA!!! Highlighters, my special favorites. I have to say that I haven’t fell in love yet recently with a brand new one, I need to go on a hunt but spring is totally in the air and it was time to give back some love to my Nars Albatross. A cult classic frosted highlight, so reflective and you know BOOM in your face. I have been using it a lot this month so it was worth mentioning it, again.

Lippies ? None really this month and the reason is because I had VERY dry lips in the past couple of weeks. I am either using my beloved M.A.C plumful or this YesTo Coconut lipbalm, it is one of their recent addition to the coconut family and it is so good. It is the exact same scent as the face wipes and hand cream and it is so moisturizing ! I love the fact that it is not waxy but oily and it repair your lips in few days. Put it also overnight and you will see how soft and gentle your lips are in the morning.



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