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Balance Me Instant Lift Pore Minimiser


Balance Me Instant Lift Pore Minimiser

I feel like such an hypocrite writing this review because every time I had a product to try from Balance Me I have always claimed that I hated it. I am still not the biggest fan of the « natural » scent they are using in their products but this time despite everything I have to let you know about that primer because it is such a good one and nobody is talking about it.

The Instant Lift Pore Minimizer by Balance Me arrived in my latest birch box and Jesus, I am in love since then. So in love that I am a day or two away from finishing the sample and it tells you a lot. I have never been a fan of that Brand but the formula is just amazing. I do have huge pores, I am now in my thirties and it doesn’t make my face bullet proof to aging signs anymore. Do not get me wrong, I till look 16 but I have to face it, Mama needs to hide those pores.

I have been trough a handful of primer lately and the more your age, the more your realize that no make up is going on your face without a primer and it has been hard to find a good and affordable one. Scrap that, it is close to impossible to find an affordable one.


I was lucky and stupid because I found, out of the blue in my local TK Maxx that Balance me primer for a very small price (£7.99) which is like less than half of the original price so I jumped on the opportunity and I should have bought at least two. It is only 15ml so quite small for a full size but it is not an all face primer, stick to your pores zone like higher cheeks, chin and nose and this primer could last you quite a while because then you don’t need a lot.

This product is for a more mature skin like mine so if you are just in your twenties, don’t bother! It will just not do anything and add a useless layer and it is just not cute. I love how it visibly smooth my pores, minimize my fine lines and give my skin the perfect base for any kind of make up.

It has a water, glycerin and oil base such as coconut and also shea butter. The list of ingredients is long, just google it there is no point of sharing it here. But is is important to mention that it is all natural, paraben free and also (very important to me) alcohol free which means that it will also help your skin not to breakout after several hours even with the heaviest make up.

It is also a product for dry skin so oily skin please keep away as it will make your make up more slippery than usual. I can recommend though that if you have combination skin it is perfect as you don’t put it all over your face.

I love it, it is a great discovery and easy to find and unlike a lot of primers it is also a beauty product so very good for your skin. It does not have any color and leave your skin fresh and ready to start your day. Balance Me can be found on many websites such as Birchbox, feel unique or the whole food but in store Marc & Spencer is stocking most of their products range.



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