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Marc Jacobs Air Blush Soft Glow Duo


This blush need all the attention in the world guys. Trust me it is that good and I am usually not a big fan of bragging about a really high end product but this time well, I am in Love.

I got gifted that Blush, let’s get the cat out of the bag but not the way every blogger/youtuber/influencer are given things. One of my dear friend (here we go are you happy ? I am not going to say your name Hun but you are probably laughing right now and come one you know who you are) gave that to me and yes he is working for Marc Jacobs but not in the make up branch at all. He happened to be there at an event and got gifted that and he is a guy and as he does not care about it kept it to give it to me. Thoughtful right?

So no It is not a sponsored post or anything and no I haven’t got paid but yes I got it for free. Geez longest intro ever for a make up blogpost review.

So the color I have is in Lush & Libido which is a Petal Pink /Orchid Pink and believe it or not, even if I wouldn’t have chosen that one in the first place well I love it, it is perfect for spring and such a vibrant color.

Product claim to give you full proof and radiance coverage all day and this is very true. I tried that blush on many different shift at work and even when the blush was on at 5am in the morning, it was still there at 7pm the very same day. If you lock it with the right setting spray you are good for the day.


But wait can we talk first about the sleek packaging because I am in love. Marc Jacobs is well known for its very simple but yet luxurious design and their make up products reflect that statement perfectly. It is a hard plastic container, black and easy to open. I love the huge mirror inside, that is going to be my best friend on the go and when I travel, best mirror ever. I also love the size, even if it is an expensive item the brand gives us a huge amount of product and let’s be honest, who ever hit pan on a blush ?

Formula is blending effortlessly and matches my complexion really well so if you were wondering no it doesn’t exaggerate my pores or my imperfections on my cheeks. When you swatch it does not look like much but once you swirl the product and apply it to your cheek beware, this is one hell of a pigmented blush. Which mean that you need to be light handed. No one wants to look like a cartoon character right ?


It is also really important to mention that this product is made WITHOUT Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates. Which to my opinion is brilliant because anything with sulfates tends to make me break out in a split of second. It is also an air whipped product so very radiant, you can easily wear that blush only without any highlighter or any kind of light reflection product. It is lightweight and easy to apply, you can also only wear that with a bit of a bb cream, mascara and you will be good to go.

Overall, I love it. If you can afford it or want to splurge that would be a very well spend money because no matter what shade you choose it is easy to wear, matte and does compliment a million kind of different make up. A very good everyday blush with a twist.



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