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Spring Essentials : Make up

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Here we go, during the whole month of April I have decided to do a series of blogpost around the « spring » theme. First one is all about Make up, second one about Fashion and third one about Beauty. The point is to talk about my essentials and favorites and share with you maybe something new or dig in a all time favs.

I will try to do series like that for each season if I can because we all tend of the change our routine and what we wear, use and eat depends on the season and I find it quit interesting to spy on other people habits and that is how the idea came into my mind. That is is for the Disclaimer, let’s start with this time my Make up Spring essentials.

1. A nude Palette : Zoeva Naturally Yours

No need to mention that I adore Zoeva and recently I have discovered this natural color palette, easy to wear and pigmented. That is a very good easy color palette to use on many occasions. Not to mention that it is affordable and on the go all your colors are here, no need to look further. On the same note my chocolate bar palette can do the job or any kind of urban decay one but this particular one is close to my heart especially now that spring is in the air.

2. A vibrant Pink Blush : Tarte Amazonian Clay in Flush

I am right now in a no shimmer nor glitter on my cheek phase and I like a good matte blush. In spring I like to have rosy cheeks and this Tarte Amazonian Clay blush is perfect. Easy to wear, you can use it for any kind of make up and it is bullet proof. I could have gone for my new air blush from Marc Jacobs or a Nars one but Tarte is very good for spring time.

3. I natural highlighter : Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder

I bought that Urban Decay Naked Powder for my Birthday and forgot about it but to be fair it is more of a spring summer item. You can use it on your face and your body. It is a clever one because it gives any complexion a serious boost of healthy glow and just the right amount of shimmer. That color is ideal because it does match all parts of my body that I can highlight.

4. A nude pink Lipgloss : Buxom Creamscicle Full on Lipgloss

Spring for me means Lipgloss. You can say whatever you want and tell me that summer is more apropriate but nope, for me there is nothing better than a fresh look finishes by a lovely soft pink glossy lips. I love buxom cream one, those are highly pigmented and the most important thing is that they do not STICK at all. So pigmented gloss yeah, clear gloss no! I like being comfortable and forget what’s on my lips in Spring and a gloss with pigment is a perfect in between.

5. A Lightweight foundation : Bourjois CC cream

If you guys follow me you know that I do not have any kind of skin problem apart maybe from redness on the cheeks and dark circles but that is it. Foundation is just part of a routine and give me a certain look but when spring is there I love to give my face a rest. This Bourgeois CC cream is a gem, it correct all I need to hide and give me a decent coverage that stick to my skin all day long. It is lightweight and give me that natural look I love to have during spring. Which means that you can see my beauty spots and all through but not my imperfections and it is so easy and quick to put on in the morning!

That is it, if you wish leave me in the comment below your 5 make up essentials for spring. I am very curious, and I see you next week for the Fashion essentials. Have a good one!



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