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Birchbox April 2017


This month is I think my favorite one in a very long time. This time Birchbox has stepped up their game with that collaboration with Boden.  There is two full size make up item in that box and you I could have upgraded for a little bit more of money to get a Boden item but no offense but I work for Cath Kidston so I am drowning in small accessories at home!

Let’s talk about the box, the drawer type of box are back, yes! I love it and the design is amazing I will for sure keep that box as a memento because it is too pretty. Every item is amazing and for the first time in forever : tailored to my needs. I love it, thank you Birchbox this was such a good surprise and I can’t wait to try out everything but let’s start with my first thoughts.


Manna Kadar Cosmetics High Definition Powder

We had a choice to make for that product, the other choice was a bronzer I believe but a setting powder, come to mama! I love the texture, it is such an expensive product though, look at the size on the picture! And it is full size, price is £27 apparently! But I swatched it and it is very promising so I will keep you posted on it.

Nip + Fab Color Correcting Concealer (got the Orange!)

I didn’t know until I got the memo that it would be in the bow that Nip + Fab were doing make up or at least foundation, covering related products. I love the fact that I got something that actually suit my needs because the orange one is to cover dark circles and that is not a secret that I am half human, half raccoon. I tried it and don’t freak out because it is very pigmented, now can’t wait to try it with foundation.

Polaar IcePure Gentle Scrub with Arctic Cotton

This smell amazing and I was actually looking for a scrub because I am almost out not a big fan of the one I am using now so it is perfect. It is a generous sample and I love it, last time I got something from Polaar I couldn’t use it as there was an ingredients I was allergic to but this one, cannot wait to give it a go!


Oribe dry Texturizing Spray 

I am probably the only girl never tired of dry shampoo in my boxes. I love trying them out, I haven’t found yet my holy grail so I am happy with that Oribe one. I actually tried it out straight away because well it is day number 2 so my hair are a bit messy and this product did wonder straight way, hope I will not like it too much because full size is £20.

Baija Paris Crème Moana in Fleur de Tiarè

Oh my God, that cream smell amazing! I was hoping like crazy to get it when I saw pictures on Instagram and yes it is here. A few people are already raving about that cream all over the web and I was curious. The smell is summer in a tube, I love the texture also and it is very moisturizing ! I will probably use it as a hand cream due to the size but amazing, just amazing!

Overall as I said I love that box and it is a huge improvement as the previous boxes were a bit well…on the hit and miss side! I love the selection and it is worth way more than the selling price so for me it is a 10/10 this month. Well done Birchbox, please carry on!


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