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Last time I was visiting Wilko I had a look at Essence, I believe only Wilko carry the brand in the Uk so finding the exact product you want can be tricky but it’s ok, it is a very affordable brand and the collection is amazing so I grabbed a few things and now I am going to tell you all my thoughts about them.

First, story time! It is hard to find real “facts” about the brand because yes they have a website but it is very childish but here is what I found. I am 95% sure that it is a German company and Essence is part of the Cosnova group that also produce Catrice and that german brand Lov.

Their moto is quality at a small price and no testing on animal! They have such a long explanation on their website about it, insane! But overall they don’t have a website where you can buy from, you can only do it through Wilko or German Drugstore type of websites. Even if it is cheap the brand is very cute in their packaging and they do come out very often with new collection which is awesome! So without further do, let’s review it!


My Must Haves Eyeshadows (£1.50 each and £1.50 for the palette)

I have to say that I am surprised and thrilled at the same time. I had high hopes for those shadows because 19 Steel The Show is very close to a shadow in one of my Zoeva palette that I have finished and hit the pan with and I am dying for finding a similar color for a few weeks now and I think we have a winner, and the best part ? It is so so cheap…

So this “Must Haves” are very new to the brand, those are sold individually and you can choose to keep them like that or buy a separate empty case of 4 or 6. I took the 4 one just to give it a go and I think I have created my perfect palette for £7.50 all together.


Satin Blush in 20 Satin Love (£1)

The Satin Touch Blush in the color Love is such a big surprise. Believe it or not it cost only £1 and it is truly amazing. It is blending effortlessly and it is the kind of color you can use everyday with any kind of make up.

It is a satin color so very reflecting but they also got a matte range which is more on the “natural” side. I love the quality and the fact that it last all day. I had blushes from expensive brands that were not that cute on me.

I mean for £1 you can’t really go wrong and if it is the case it’s ok. Just swatch them and you will see because on the picture it is only one swipe and pigmentation is there and there is no fall out or chalkiness at all.


The False Lashes Mascara (£2.80)

This mascara is very good and very close to my trusted maybelline lash sensational. See in a mascara I like when it is curved in shape, not too wet and very black.

This mascara combine it all and it did not transfer on my eyelid or flake throughout the day. I am just very gutted because the one I picked was open (perks of shopping in wilko!) and I had to wash the wand before using it but for the price I mean it’s ok I can totally go and get another one but overall shop online guys it is safer and you can do click and collect for free !

I really like it and if I need like in a hurry at the end of the month to get a new mascara this one can do the job. I was not like WOW but it is very good so close enough.


Eyeliner Pen Waterproof (£2.30)


The eyeliner pen in the waterproof formula is an all time favorite. If you follow me you have probably seen it around before so I had to put it here as it is a brand focus and it is Allie approved.

I love my Kat Von D one but this one is £2.30 and does the job the same way so when I have money I get the Kat Von D and when I am broke I use this one but I have found myself buying that bad boy over and over and I can’t find anything better even for a better price.

The only down side is that it dries out really quickly so you will have to purchase it almost every month but at that price who cares ? It is easy to use, very black and pigmented and does not move until you remove your make up.




5 thoughts on “Essence Brand Focus

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  2. I’m really hoping those eye shadows and refill pan become available here in Canada. I love the look of them!
    Great brand focus – Essence is such an affordable brand.


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