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Spring Essentials : Fashion

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Here is the second blogpost of my Spring Essentials and today we are going to talk about Fashion. When April is there and May just around the corner well I just want to undress, leave my winter gears and feel lighter. I also did a little bit of shopping and here is what I got or what spotted my eyes.

First a skirt, during spring you need a statement piece in your collection you know something you can wear over and over with pretty much everything. This is the case for that Cath Kidston denim skirt, it is lightweight and the length is just right. I also love the flower details at the front and the fact that is an elasticated kind of skirt so easy to put on. Also price point is very good, I think for £45 and that quality you can’t really go wrong.

Jumpsuits is something I really want to try. On Asos you get a ton of option but this one caught my attention. It is quite on the pricy side for Asos (And by the way it is a Junarose Jumpsuit) but again it is the kind of thing you can wear in so many different way. I didn’t actually bought it and it is because my size is always sold out but I am planning on getting it as soon as I can get my hands on the right size. Also I am really into that Kaki color, love it and very versatile to wear with a lot of colors.

Shirt, you doesn’t like a good shirt for spring ? I just love this one from New Look, it is comfy, feminine and easy to through on. Price point is also very good and quality amazing, beware though my husband is already making fun of me because it looks like a pajama top but I don’t really care. It is just the kind of thing I like to wear because it easy and can make any outfit look amazing.

In terms of Jacket it is very easy, I already have a Jacket like that but truth to be told I need a new one because well mine is in such a bad shape. Again, this is from New Look and when I saw it it was love at first sight. The name is making me laugh so hard because it is call a Shacket, so an hybrid between a jacket and a shirt. I love the short sleeve and sleek cut and for £29, how can you go wrong ?

Shoes and in this case trainers. You know my huge love for iridescent things and well those Reebok are just perfect. I got them a couple of month back and I was waiting for spring time to wear them and here we are. Those trainers are so white that it is a heartbreak to wear them, I mean the color is so white that it is hard to not look at my feet when I walk but it is bright and mermaid like so perfect for right now.



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