Make Up and Beauty

Spring Essentials : Beauty

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Here we go, third and last blogpost about my Spring Essentials and today it is all about beauty and specifically skin care. Here is 5 things I like to use during spring or that I like to switch up in my routine. Beauty is the kind of thing you need to change very often because skin react quickly to changes so it is more than welcome to embrace the different seasons and use the right products.

Amie, Matte face moisturizer. I discovered that through Brichbox and thank God for that ! I have combination skin and when spring is there and summer just around the corner I am more on the oily side so I need a little extra help in the morning to suck in all that oil and prep my skin in the most better way. This face cream is amazing and it is the first time I am using a skin care that does have a “matte” finish and what a discovery. I love the consistency and it works plus the price is so small, I already ordered a full size and it is on its way.

Same problem for my body, I am getting less dry and need something a bit lighter especially for my hands. I got this Moana cream in my latest Birchbox (again! get use to it 3 products out of 5 are a discovery from my monthly subscription) and it is Fleur de Tiaré fragranced and it smells like summer in a tube. But I love it because it is perfect for my hands even though it is for your body, It is amazing for my cuticles and it does sink in the skin in a split of a second.

Now after removing my make up after work I always need a little extra something. This Doux Me mist is a dream and easy to use. I spray that all over my face and it give me that extra stretch and comfort I need. It is pure spring water and the mist is very fine, I love how it dries living your skin nice and hydrated, perfect to also refresh your make up throughout the day.

Sheet mask ? Yes please, I am sucker all year long but I change brand or ingredients depends on seasons and my skin needs. My pores are getting HUGE lately so I mainly hydrate my skin and cleanse it so charcoal is my best friend lately. Just a tiny warning, this Yesto Charcoal Paper Mask is very strong and it did burn my skin and made me break out but I guess my skin needed to go through that before getting better and I am willing to pay the price. You can find those in Boots and it is really helping to cleanse my skin but I guess you have to suffer to be pretty.

Last but not least lip balm, I am a huge sucker for anything coconut and this EOS coconut milk is everything. I use it before going to bed and it moisturize my lips without making my lips too slippery or greasy. I love the smell as it is not too overpowering and coconut milk despise my obsession is a very subtle ingredient for spring, it prep my lips for those very hot days coming our way (or I pray for it!).



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