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New Evening Skin Care Routine

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I realise lately that I have been using different things to take off my make up and treating my skin for night time lately. Some stuff don’t work anymore on me and I feel that my skin is changing so it is time to share some thoughts on products I have been testing out lately.

My routine consists on 4 steps plus a bonus one which I will explain why and to be fair when you look at it, it is self explanatory as it is a mask and your are not suppose to use masks all the time. Anyway without further do, let’s do it.

Step Number 1
Make up Remover

This hasn’t changed much apart from the brands. I did tried everything though ! Oils, liquids, solid and even cream type but wipes are number one for me. I know that it is not the best for the environment but it is the most gentle way for me to remove my make up as I have sensitive skin and eyes.

I used to love the Nivea wipes, ya’ll know which one! But I find those drying and not that much efficiant anymore one me. I switched for the Johnson’s one and those are perfect. It is enriched with Moonflower which is an ingredient thst soothe and prepare your skin for bed time. Also the wipes are wet, x10 better than any other brand and on the plus side those are always on offer at boots or superdrug!

That was for the eyes, for my face it is another story. You guys know I am addicted to my YesTo Coconut wipes and fear not I still am but now you can find Burt’s Bees wipes in boots so why not ? I picked up yhe white tea one and I love it, it remove foundation quickly and quench the thirst of my skin as the formula is super duper hydrating. Those are on the more pricy side but you get a whole month there which is beyyer than most brand that offer 25 wipes.

Step Number 2
Cleansing and Polishing

That is new to my routine, I used to do that only in the morning but my skin is so tight at night that I have to make sure it gets plenty of good stuff in.

First I cleanse with the new Garnier Miscellar cleansing gel wash and it is the same formula as the water but as a gel. I love that it is light and easy to use product, just put a tiny amount in the balm of your hand and massage your face to remove any extra stuff on your face.

Second step is the Scrub and here is the deal. I don’t use it all over my face just over the zones I struggle with the most which are my T-zone, nose and cheeks! I rub in a tiny amount, fill in those pores and remove all excess skin. that step did really help to improve my skin in so many way because in that way every last bit of dead skin is removed and my skin face ready for bed time.

Step Number 3
Hydrate and depuff

Hydrating your skin befote bed well I know there is nothing special about it but a collegue at work gave me some samples of the Aveeno daily moisturising cream and since then I am only using that. It is a cream with oat as a main ingredients and for combination skin like me it is perfect.

Very hydrating but sink in quickly so I don’t end of with greasy spots on my oily areas. Love and it is very cheap and can be found in Boots. I would really recommand a rich type of cream foe night time, you don’t need an expensive night cream at all. Go for natural ingredients and try to be light handed also, a little goes a long way and your skin will thank you.

For my eyes I am still using the Khiels avocado cream at night. I did a whole blogpost about it if you want a more in depth review. It is my second pot and even if it is a high price point that tiny version will last you a little over 6 month. I love the texture and immediate effect on me, it de puff and smooth my under eye but it does not make dark circles disappear, don’t expect that. That is why it is perfect for night time, easy to put on and light wearing and the hydration is amazing.

Step Number 4
Extra moist for a clear skin

Once I have remove my make up, cleanse my skin and hydrate well I like to wait 10 to 15 minute and grab a spray to lock moisture in my skin.

It is probably stupid for you but my skin needs it. I might be very oily in the center of my face but the other part are beyond dry. It has not been always like that though, I realise that mutation a few month back and trust me it has change my whole routine so any type of spray will do. I use this Doux Me Spray which has spring water but any kind of water base spray can do the trick. Evian and Avene have the best one for a smaller price is you were looking for a good one.

Extra Step Number 5
Sheet masks

I wanted to include masks because even if you are not suppose to do a mask everyday I actually use 2-3 sheet masks every week.

I discovered the Moisutr Bomb by Garnier and those sheet masks are affordable, easy to find and drench your akin in the beat possible way. Throughout the week if you need to boost your skin this mask is just perfect.

I also like to so any type of sheet mask such as under eye mask or lip mask if I have been to cray cray on yhe liquid lipstick road and want something to bring my lips back to life.

Of course once a week do a real mask but use sheet masks to aim for a specific zone, this ia for me the key for an healthy skin.



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