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Kusmi Tea


I think I haven’t yet talked about tea on my blog. Generally speaking I am a coffee person more than anything else. I used to start my day with a cup of tea as a teenager and soon enough when I discovered coffee trough out Starbucks and Nespresso I couldn’t go back to tea as a regular hot drink.

I am more of a let’s do tea when I am sick, need to sleep or warm up. But lately I am in need of a boost in my drinking habits. I do love the brand Pukka which you can find at the whole food but this story is for another time. That being said Kusmi Tea
Was introduced to me ages ago by a friend then I forgot about it and a youtuber that I follow and love (Eimadolly) mentioned it in one of her videos. She was so passionate about 2 particular flavors that it hit me, I needed to try it asap.

Right that was a really boring old cat lady like story (which I am, let’s be honest) but worth mentioning. During the Easter Bank Holiday we had a little stroll around Marylebone and there it was, the Kusmi Tea shop. So I pushed the door had a sniff around and got hooked. Then £15 later here I am writting a review.


Background Story ? Yes please !

This is a Brand created back in 1867 by the Kousmichoff Family in St Petersburg. It became then a french brand when the family exiled itself in 1917 and now it is more globale, owned by Sylvain Orebi and part of the Orientis group.

I love the background authenticity of the brand and the fact that they still use the original blends and still use the same but modernised packaging.

The Kusmi Tea brand was dying when it was purchased and since 2011 it has never been better. The combo of great ingredients and authentic packaging work and even if it is a bit pricy in my opinion it is worth it.

I got a sort of a starting pack, you get 3 small boxes for £15. I did not know what to choose, I wanted loose tea and that was the only thing I was sure about. You get to smell the scents in store and staff is really helpful. Price point is from £11 something for a pack of 20 tea bags to £100 of pounds worth of huge jar.

I have to warn you guys that it is a very fine loose tea so you need to get the right … to brew it otherwise all the loose tea will end up escaping everywhere in your tea cup. True story so as I was upset I prefer to let you guys know.

Also a little bit goes a long way with that tea so a single tea spoon will be enough to brew one cup so very good in terms of value for money.


Almond Green Tea

I have to say that this flavor was the one I was dying to try. I am the kind of the person that has unusual taste and love a bit of a twist in what I eat or drink.

The Almond Green Tea is a blend of green china tea with scents of almonds and it is delightful. First when you smell it well it does have that strong marzipan flavor that is so yummy mixed with green tea. Obviously you drink it the way it is, no cream or milk but with some vanilla sugar it is even better.

Once brew the flavor is less overpowering (and thanks God in a way..) and more subtle, you obviously taste more the green tea than the almond but it is there and it os very pleasant to drink.


Blue Detox

This one is the second one I was curious about. Kusmi tea has three main Detox tea with different fruit and to me the Pineapple one was the more appealing.

Again it is a green tea but the notes exotic and fruity blend of maté, green tea and rooibos flavoured with a note of savory and captivating pineapple and it is the perfect afternoon tea to cleanse or late night tea to soothe, calm and digest.

I do not drink it every day but 2 to 3 times a week and I feel more calm and ready to go to bed. If you take it as an afternoon treat brew a whole pot, that tea so yummy that it also pushes me to “drink” more. I can totally see myself making ice tea with that one, perfect for summer.


St Petersburg Green Tea

This one was for my husband so I am going tell you his general feedback.

It is a Russian blend of chinese tea with Bergamot, Red fruits and caramel. The smell is appealing and very sweet which at first surprised me as it is not my husband cup of tea.

According to him it is more of an evening tea, something you sip in front of the Tv or reading a good book. It is strong but very light at the same time and the more you brew it, the more the flavors combine.

He loves it and recommand it warmly to any tea lover looking for a tea with flavors and body to enjoy after dinner.



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