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April’s Favorites

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So I have new and old stuff to share, some are same old same old kind of style of products and other are just new and game changer.

I am not going to ramble too much because I have a lot to say so let’s dive in and surprise surprise there is also a random section. I know ! I am trying to be a bit different this month so let’s embrace it alright.

First Make Up, I am just in Love with the Brand Essence generally speaking this month and their Blushes are still blowing my mind. This lovely blush in the picture is in the shade Love and it is a £1 product, believe it or not and pigmentation, quality and longevity is there. Just check my article about Essence Cosmetics, you won’t be disappointed. I also can’t get enough of this nail polish, I have to post a picture on Instagram for your guys.The color is 02 across the universe and it is part of their Out of Space collection. It is just the perfect mermaid shade, they also have the another one which is more iridescent and I have to get my hands on it. What can say about it ? It has lasted me more than a week each time I have put it on without chipping and I kept on using that color only this month, I will do a mini review on Instagram so keep your eyes peeled.

Also I receive in my Birchbox a Nip+Fab color corrector stick and it is in the shade terra cotta and I love it. At first it is scary, not going to lie because it is pretty freaking pigmented but it does the job and color correct the under eye to remove the darkness. I love it and I have been using it a tone since I got it. Lippy wise well we are getting close to summer and in times like this I am going back to my NYX lip butter and the shade Angel Food Cake is always a winner. Pigmented, not sticky and yummy and also when the glossy effect fades away you are left with a lovely plum color on the lips! Love it oh and it is a no brainer product which means that you don’t need to check it every 5 seconds.

Skin Care wise again Birchbox was amazing with me this April, the Moana cream in the scent Fleur de Tiaré is awesome. It does live in my purse now and I use it over and over, I can’t get enough of this dreamy summer scent and it is so hydrating. I will probably get a full size one soon. This month I have also discovered Aveeno thanks to Abi, a colleague of mine, she gave me some samples and I already got a full size bottle. It is perfect as a night cream and it is very soothing for my combination skin and it does reduce a lot my red patches on my cheeks.

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Told you there was randoms here and there. Firs let’s talk about Jamiroquai because I got so excited when I heard about Automaton, their new album. It is such a good album, funky and electro at the same time. I feel like I am in a 80’s movie all along when I listen to the songs, I just love particularly Automaton, Cloud 9 and Nights in the jungle but overall it is such a good album to listen in one go. I have to post an article about my favorites songs, singers and bands because DUH, Jamiroquai is a big part of what I love.

Candle ? Yes, yes and yes. I discovered those candles in Anthropology out of the blue. These are Voluspa candles, 100% coconut wax and very scented which I love to bits. This is a Macaron scented candles so Almond, beware if you are not keen. But look at that packaging also, this candles combine amazing scent and gorgeous packaging. I believe I paid £8 for it which is very affordable all things considered.

This month I just can’t stop eating chocolate rice cakes. I know it is weird but for breakfast, as a treat or if you are in need of chocolate but don’t want too much calories well this is perfect. I am trying to get back to normal eating habits and cutting a bit of sugar is a big step for me. I also love the fact that pretty much every places around me are selling them from Itsu to M&S.

I had to mention Kusmi Tea, just down below you have a full article about it but it was a huge love at first sight. It is a very expensive tea brand but it is worth every penny, coming from me it is a lot as I am a coffee lover more than anything. I must say that I have a crush on the Almond Green Tea, yummy!



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