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Unicorn Starter Kit


Just like Mermaids, it is time for Unicorns to shine! Those little imaginary friends are everywhere from make up items and tools to Starbucks Drinks so I thought I would shop around and grab you some really affordable products in case you wanted to kick start a Unicorn inspired collection.

I am sucker I have to admit so it was so much fun to gather that bunch of products. I think it is so amazing to have those things in my bag or around the house just to brighten up my day. I know it is a trend and I am a sheep but it is so too cute to actually not talk about plus sometimes we need some fun time and distraction from life and that is what this post is about. Not to mention that it looks pretty cool on my instragram…

So this is just a little post about few products I gathered from Primark and the shop Peacock just so you know where to find cheap items because yes it is the trend but not everyone can afford Tarte Unicorn collection or order from amazon. That being said I will state prices and where to find them and even provide links if I find them. Let’s get started.


Primark Unicorn Brushes – £9

This is what inspired me to do that article. I grabbed it litterally like a crazy person from display or more Like Gollum because in my head I was like “my precious”. It is just right timing because I wanted to order some unicorn brushes from amazon but I am at War with Amazon right now so it couldn’t be more perfect.

I believe it is very new because I went to Primark not that long ago and those brushes were not here so I believe it is going to be like the Chip Mug from the Beauty and The Beast you know, grab it as fast as you can.

Price is more than affordable for 4 brushes and a make up bag and those colors are perfect and amazing. The quality is actually really good and I used them and washed the whole bunch and nothing happen. There is of course softer brushes not the market but it does the job and it looks so freakin’ pretty.


Ps…Candy Floss Pink Shimmer Lipgloss – £1.50

Primark as a whole collection of Mermaid-Unicorn inspired make up and it is pretty as hell but let’s be realistic guys I am not 12 anymore so I grabbed that holographic gloss because it can honestly be the perfect lipstick topper for any color.

It is a nice irridescent pink, there is micro glitter but it is very fine and for me it is not sticky at all. It is quite opaque but still translucide and can compliment any soft or extreme look so bring on your inner Unicorn Girls!


Peacock Unicorn Make up and Novelty

(Tissue £1, Unicorn shape lip gloss £2, Hand Sanitizer £3)

This collection is to dye for and I couldn’t resist, it is all from a brand called Mad Beauty ( and they are specialized in novelty make up items here in the Uk. I have only see those things in shops like Peacock and New Look I believe and it is the cutest.

The tissues are white with stars if you look closer and that is definitely a must have for any unicorn addict without breaking the bank.

The lipgloss is so cute, I know I am 30 years old but I couldn’t resist it is going to look so cute on my desk next to my computer plus it smells amazing so it is quite handy to have something cute and useful on hands.

The Hand Sanitizer is very unusual. It is a spray so very good to travel and even better to slip in your pocket, I work in retail and it is always nice to have sanitizer close by and this is so slim that is is going to be my new best friend. The scent is cherry and it is so yummy but there is many unicorn scents available. Just perfect and so Instagram!



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