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Essence “Out of Space Stories” Nail Polish


I am pretty picky when it comes to nail polish and with that being said if I review or rave about a nail product, it is THAT good! I am not a nail polish/varnish (please tell me which one is the word to use I am struggling here) person in general, I do love to have my nails and toes done but I can easily go on 2 weeks without anything on or just base.

So if there is a review up on this blog or a post on Instagram well it is dope. Those Essence “out of space stories” nail polish will blow your mind by their quality, price point and amazing holographic colors.

I got mine in Wilko, you can only find Essence in Wilko I believe here in the UK anyway and the retail price was £2 for each bottle. It is such a bargain because I worn the more purple one 8 days straight at some point and it was almost perfect.


I got the colors 01 out of space and 02 accross the universe and let me tell you that it is the more Unicorn/Mermaid type of color that you can find out there without looking 12 years old.

I love how Holographic and Iridescent are those colors and so grown up. I do think that it is a bit of fun for my 30 years old self. It is very easy to apply as well and you will need around 2 coats to be set.

I didn’t use any type of drying products but if you want to save some time and it is the only bad point, do it! It take quite a bit to dry and even after like 2 hours the color is moving so beware. But once completely dry and set you are good to go for an entire week and I do work in retail and had to have my nails in tills to count money and it was not a problem.


I haven’t tried any other nail products from Essence but now I am really tempted, it is so cheap and price point really low. Also “Out of Space Stories” is a limited edition collection so stock up while you can, I might actually also do that to be honest! So please go and check it out if you want to have a little bit of Unicorn on you.



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