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Worth The Hype #3 : M.A.C Nymphette


When I picked up that Lipgloss I actually did not know it was such a popular and stapled item in the make up world. Apparently it is one of the best seller for the brand and people have been raving about it for years.

That being said I fell in love with the color, it was one of those “love at first swatch“. I haven’t been really happy with the lip glosses I have in my collection and this one just blew my mind. Easy to apply, creamy and pigmented. Such an easy and stunning product.

Now I am going to give 3 good reasons why it is worth the hype, I have been a little cray cray on pictures but I am in love and this Lipglass deserve some love.


Reason 1 : The Color

M.A.C describe it as a Sunny Golden Pink and I couldn’t agree more. It was the color that attract me the most before swatching and the name couldn’t be more appropriate. When I looked at the name it was making all kind of sense, it is definitly a color that a fairy should wear or a nymph.

It is in my opinion a color for everybody because it is sparkling in many kinds of way. It is a bit more clear on your lips so on days where you don’t want to bother but look awesome it is the perfect gloss ever. BUT! As a topper on a pink nude or a nude, dear Lord of Make up just kill me. It is perfect!


Reason 2 : Pigmentation

It has the right in between pigmentation for me. It is not clear at all but not too creamy which can be a pain because lipgloss by definition are sticky so when it get stuck in your hair girl well at least it is clearer.

I love that you get exactly what is in the tube and it stays on for few hours, for a Lipglass from M.A.C it is amazing. If you use it as a lipstick topper well it make such a huge difference and make it last longer and gives you such a lift and brighten up your face.


Reason 3 : Price point and Packaging

Who doesn’t like a M.A.C lip product ? It is so professional, sleek and feels so good in your hands. I love the fact that it is £15.50 so right in between drugstore and real high end product but it is one of the best seller so bear in mind that sometimes they are out of stock, I got it from Harrods and it was the last one! Happy Allie!

It is also quite a big tube compare to any drugstore product and honestly where can you find a color like that for a cheaper price ? Ok apparently Milani got one but we are in the Uk and you can’t get it here. Honestly in terms of gloss I haven’t found yet any drugstore one apart from the NYX so M.A.C is always going to be my first choice.

I leave you with Lip swatches and yes it is Allie Approved!




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