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N°7 Shimmer Palette in Rose



This product is such a love at first sight. I never bought anything from N°7 which is a brand by Boots. I don’t know why but up until now I never really even approach the display. I was then browsing the other day, waiting for the Hubby and as I wasn’t really in need of anything my attention got caught by their new bronzer, stunning by the way and underneath the display those shimmer palettes were there waiting for me to swatch the hell out of it.

I was very surprised by the quality, price point and overall packaging. I am not going to lie it does really look like the Bobby Brown shimmer brick, so dupe or not this baby is affordable, gorgeous and multifonctional.


Price point is good guys, £13.50 and you get 10g which is very good for a drugstore product. This brand is an in between drugstore and high end I guess as there is hardly anything under £10. Foundation are apparently amazing and you can ask for a shade match in store.

I love the packaging, gold is usually not my color but it really is a big reminder of the Charlotte Tilbury and I love it. So let me sum up, you get a dupe for the Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick in a Charlotte Tilbury Look a like packaging and all of this for half of the high end price, please take my money!


I did not swatch all the colors because A, I fell in love with an overall color which is that stunning rose gold shimmer and B, because this product is not an highlighter but I use it anyway like that.

It is originally a bronzer slash complexion enhancer and that wouldn’t have work for me anyway as I am a super duper pale person. This glow is everything and different for me, it took my heart on a whole new make up level. I totally use it as a highlighter and to be fair as it has very fine shimmer and such a catchy glow that would be weird as a bronzer. Only a lovely dark carnation can pull that off!

But it is smooth, buttery and long lasting. The pigmentation is crazy and amazing for a drugstore item and there is no fall out or transfer. I love how it stays put all day once fixed and I just love to have a different glow these day. Just so you know you can get this palette in another shade called Caramel if this one wasn’t your jam.

But it is Allie Approved, so go in store and at least swatch it. I swear it is a gem!



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