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Birchbox May 2017


Let’s kick start that blogpost about Birchbox by saying that I am not happy. Nothing to do with the box even if it is not the most thrilling one but it has to do with the “reward” scheme and the deal has changed ya’ll and mama is not happy about it.

We use to have points based on review we were giving for the box and products items, after each review points were stacking up and every 100 points was equal to £10 to spend in their e-shop. Easy peasy lemon squeazy, I did grab a handfull of free stuff thanks to that deal but that being said that era is over.

Let’s put on my sarcasm shoes guys…

We get :
– 10% off on this month products (great, so generous…)
– Choose a product or box design every month (wasn’t that already happening before or am I getting memory loss?)
– Free delivery when you review your box (Gosh, I feel special getting like £2.99 for free…)
– £5 voucher when you refer a friend (Again was already happening before and truly it is such a stupid “benefit”)
– Early access to our limited edition boxes…who cares?!
– A special birthday offer… please Wow me when the time comes because it is getting ridiculous.
– 15% off everything in the e-shop when you are a VIP… really ? And what is you definition of VIP anyway, Very Ignorant People ?



I might be very sarcastic but I am upset because I am considering cancelling my subcription for good and find another box. The fact that they are trying to “please” everyone is sorry but Bullshit. That is very crappy benefits and honestly a shame to be treated like that when you are a loyal customers.

The box this month is A-ok I guess. I love the marble slash rose gold design of the box but the products are not that much thrilling. The eyeshadow is stunning though, mascara a drowback as I am very picky and the nose patch Are great but I already had it. The rest is just a bit of a “oh great those brands, again”.

Let’s get to the products review before I loose my mind and soul.


Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in Vanilla Frosting

Very nice and different from birchbox, I never heard of the brand but I am in fact very keen to try that bad boy. I like loose pigment, those are versatile and great even on the go and you can use it both dry or wet so yes it is a win.

Doucce Punk Volumizer Mascara

I am not saying that I don’t like it, that product hasn’t done anything (yet!) to upset me but I am a bit annoyed about sample mascara, I am very picky and not all mascaras are great and in this case again I don’t even know the brand but I will give it a go.

SKIN79 Clean-on 2 step nose pack

This is hilarious because I bought that a few weeks ago and it is actually on my nose whilst I am typing that review and I love it! It is a very affordable nose stripe and it is in two steps, so get yourself a cup of tea ladies because it takes around 25 mn to use that product. I have a fresh new nose now and I will for sure try it again as I have a back up now!

Kueshi Hair Mask Shine & Volume

Not a big fan of the brand but this time I am getting an hair mask and my hair are always in need of help to get nice and healthy so why not. I have to say that it is a generous sample for an hair mask as a little goes a long way so I am going to say Why not on that one.

Whish Firming Body Cream

That brand is a huge hit and miss for me so I am going to give it a go but so far I am not impress, let’s not even talk about that awful shaving cream samples. I still have the puke smell in my nostrils.




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