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Mini Lancome Haul


So, I did a very fun thing about 2 weeks ago and trust me I was not expecting spending money on Lancôme products. I have seen everywhere the “my husband buy me make up” challenge so I had a chat with my Hubby then we went to Boots and I gave him a basket and trust me the results was fun, if you are interested I can do a post or do it again more seriously as I Took couple of pictures in the process.

That being said, he picked up a lot of good things, a few testers and also he forgot some stuff. Let’s bare with him, he was lost but the funny thing was that he ended up picking up stuff on the more pricy side of the shop because for him that is how he sees make up on me.

I ended up swatching lipsticks and my eyes was caught buy that beautiful primer and what a game changer. I did that challenge for fun, Hubby did not have to buy anything but he was generous and got me some brow products, a sleek contour palette and the Lancôme Lipstick. Then I couldn’t resist and got the primer, such a great product which I am going to explain you why.


It is a pricy primer, £25.50 if I am not mistaken but to be fair the Porefessional from Benefit cost the same amount and this is why I got it.

It is called the Pore Eraser primer and it is part of the Lancôme La Base Pro range. I love the semi waxy texture and the fact that it is oil free. For a combination or dry skin it is just a perfect primer.

The other thing I loved is the fact that there is no color, the primer is “white” so sink in to the skin without adding more color because it is something that I hate, my skin tend to react weirdly.  It blurs my pore straight way and smooth my face instantly therefore applying my foundation afterward is a piece of cake.


I have to mention that it is not a primer for you whole face, I press in that primer in my troubled zone such as my cheeks, nose and T zone only. For the rest I tend to apply a more glowy base for a luminous finish.

I have to say that even on days without make up I like to apply it just because it gives my face that baby skin feelings and even my tone like nothing else. So price point is for me not that much compare to other brand and I have to say that it works.


Lancôme L’absolu Lipstick in Poême 290

I have to say that I was not expecting to love that much a matte formula and on that point my Husband was right. It is the perfect nude-plum-rose every day color. That kind of color is my jam, nudes tend to wash me off and bright tend to be too much on me but this oh my Lord! Perfection!

The formula is so creamy for a matte, it doesn’t dry my lips and it is so lightweight, after like 5 minutes you completely forget that is on your lips. It is easy to apply but I will advice you guys to apply a lip liner before just to secure your whole look as you tend to forget that you have lipstick on.


In terms of packaging it is so luxurious and bullet proof, they did a very good job and it is so chic and old fashioned but with a twist. You have to press to release the lipstick and that way it is secure and still easy to use.

I love the black and gold packaging and the did I mention the smell ? It is a signature “high end” smell, but not overpowering at all. Once on your lips the fragrance is gone but damn, I was back on memory lane when I sniffed it! Felt like a little girl again playing with my Mom make up.


Of course I recommend the Lancôme Lipstick especially to those with a problem with Matte Lipstick because not everyone is into dry and crusty lips. I want to feel comfortable and I want it to be effortless sometimes and this product deliver everything and tick all the boxes, well worth it for the £25.

So it is a huge surprise, Lancôme is a brand I never laid eyes on but it is worth it and there is underrated gems in their collections.



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