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Sephora (France) “Must Have”

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I took me a while to find the perfect way to include a haul, my favorites but also what you guys “need” to get if you happen to be in france near a Sephora.

I always splurge my money, this time I was very good. I did not buy some crazy expensive palette and I have concentrated myself on things I needed and wanted to try but also let’s not forget that Sephora is the home of miniatures and beauty on the go and that you get sucked in when you wait to pay at the till.

So what is worth your money? What can you choose or what do I like ? I am going to answers all those questions below guys and I will in the near future do some blogpost about products individually (especially the Erborian creams, because it is a big Hit for me).

Let’s start with the mini concealers shall we ? I was dying to try the Naked skin from Urban decay and I also picked up a Nars radiance creamy concealer and that is cheeky because I also bought one at the airport but in my defense I picked up another color. Anyway, they only have 2 colors for each and unfortunately for the Urban Decay one I got only the light to medium which is too dark to conceal or bake but I picked it up anyway because to contour it is perfect. The Nars one I love it and it is a Holly grail so same only two shades but one of them “Vanilla” is my shade, each of them are less than 13 euros so why not it is a great way to test things or have one for your purse.

Sephora Masks, so so so good! I usually splurge around 30 to 40 euros but I have so many at home to go through from different brands that I have focus myself on the one I love the most. You definetly need the Charcoal Nose patch, perfect to remove black head and smooth your pores around the nose area and the price is one 2,50 euros so I got a few. Then what I love the most are the under eye patches, easy on the go or at home as it only goes under the eyes. I love the Avocado and Pomegrenade because one nourish and the other soothe and it is what I need on a weekly basis. Those are 3,90 and well worth it so if you don’t know what to pick up, under eye masks are the best.

Merci Handy is a lovely french brand that provides hand sanitizer (that looks like bath and body works one) hand creams, foams and sprays. I love their hand creams because there is small beads inside to exfoliates so it is a 2 in 1 product for less than 5 euros and the cherry smell is amazing. Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram because I have a lovely bundle that I will give away soon.

Tony Molly Cool Eye gel, I know we got it here in places such as Selfridges but it is way less expensive here. you save around £8 so why not! I use that panda all the time, I keep it in my fridge and whenever I need to boost my under eye area I can grab it, it is such a soothing product ! Plus, who doesn’t like a cute Korean Packaging ?

Erborian, french girls are raving about it and I understand why. I wanted the glow cream but ended buying the wrong product (the cc cream) in Italy and finally got the right one in france and I don’t regret it. The CC cream has a similar formula to the L’Oreal one but much better and the glow cream got such a lovely iridescent finish, it is insane on the skin. I got them both in travel size but you get 15ml which is a generous amount and now I need the full size one next time I go back home. It is on the pricy side for a full size but that is why it is interesting to get travel size.

Overall you can spend 50 euros in various travel size, try out things and if you don’t like them at least it is not like splurging 30 quid on something full size you are never going to use again. I like this idea but it can be overwhelming because here in the Uk we are not use to that, so I hope this little guide will give you some hints on what to choose and if you have further questions, it is down below in the comments.



4 thoughts on “Sephora (France) “Must Have”

  1. I like the Nars concealer a lot but hated the Urban Decay one – it oxidizes so badly and looks really dry.
    I just picked up 2 Sephora masks recently to try – have never tried them before but lots of people rave about them.


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