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Urban Decay After Glow in Sin


I finally got my Hands on that highlighter and I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am. You know how it is when you fall in love with make up, it become an obsession especially when it is not available, limited edition or in this case sold out for month.

I picked it up at the airport, luckily they had two and trust me when the lady gave it to me I had to control myself to not snatch it from her hands like a little hungry monkey with a bunch of peanuts.

Right, I need to focus myself as I am getting on make up high. But this highlight is affordable for a brand like Urban Decay, gorgeous and the color and iridescence is everything.


Pacaking is as per usual everything, Urban Decay nailed it and even if there is no mirror i don’t even mind. I love the style, feels heavy and it is firmly secure so you can bring it on the go without breaking it.

Price point is also very good and even better at the airport just saying but in a regular store it is £19 I believe and it is not that bad right ? It is the perfect glow but in a natural way. It is for the price a true gem and way much better than any outrageously pricy highlighter.


In terms of the formula it is a 8 hours claimed formula and I have to say that it stays put even longer. Thanks God there is no Talc in the formula and that is a relief because even some high end highlighters mix talc in their formula to save some bucks.

It is very lightweight but pigmented and boy, that glow is creamy on the face and on the tip of your fingers. It blends effortlessly and it is also very good to highlight the brow bones as it is a true champagne color.

Also, it is worth mentioning but there is no glitter or chunk of sparkle, it is a true highlighter like back in the day and the color is such a universal and flattering shade. No wonder Sin is their best seller in an type of products.

So formula check, packaging check and price point check. Those are my 3 things I need to tick on the list to approve a product. Urban Decay after glow highlighter in Sin is Allie approved guys.



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