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Erborian Brand Focus & Mini Haul


I don’t know if anyone is familiar with Erborian but I got sold by a few french Youtuber and I had to grab some products once in France. Sephora has a full range and also some minis you know in front of tills where you actually spend your whole money.

Back to the brand, You can get Erborian in the Uk by going to Selfridges or Space.NK but it is mostly for London, if you are out of London it can be tricky to find so check out the end of the article of the website address. That being said, it is also cheaper in France for some reasons so even better.

Little History ?

It is a perfect marriage of two very different cultures, French and Korean. The brand name means “Herbs of Orient” which is clever, I have to admit. Katalin Berenyi graduated from a french business school and use to work for L’Oréal, she speaks many languages and has travel the world seeking new cosmetics technic and innovation. On her side Hojung Lee is a scientist which means I don’t need to tell you guys that when you combine marketing and science well you get wonders.

In terms of testing on animals, well I can link to you the exact words they are using (click here!) and it is the same pep talk brands like L’Oréal are giving to you. To sum up, in what I understood (so don’t shout at me too soon) Erborian do not test on animals but for some products sold on the chinese markets they have to as it is due to local authorities laws which is something they don’t approve on but still do as reduce as they can. Hope I am clear but same old same old bla bla. To be fair that does not bother me as long as they communicate and write it in black and white on their website which they did.

I have no clue on “when” the brand was created but I guess it cannot be that old, it is still unknown to a lot of countries and as it is a brand with in between prices well I have a hard time saying it is high end, because it is not but it is not drugstore either. My brain hurt on that one.

And finally is is a Herbal brand so most of the ingredients are natural and made out of Vegetal extracts. I love the combination of new technics and ancestral beauty recipe and this is what this brand is all about, so hop on the Erborian train for a new kind of beauty journey.


The Glow Cream

It was originally what I was looking for and ended up buying also the CC cream. Anyway, it is a illuminating cream slash primer slash feel good cream. You can wear it on its own on a no make up day to give your skin a glow or underneath your make up, I find that even mixed with your foundation this cream does wonders.

This cream with its iridescent sheen brighten, enhance and moisturize the skin not to mention that a little bit goes a long way so it is not a product you will splurge on every month which is a very good beauty investments even for the smallest budget.

This cream is full of Vitamin E, antioxidant and has as a main ingredients Licorice and several Vegetal extracts. It does really feel like your typical moisturizer but once on your face the difference is instant and your skin does feel bouncy and healthy.


The CC cream

It is a very interesting formula, see a lot of brands are doing already that kind of CC cream that change and combine with your skin perfectly like L’Oreal which I tried before and loved. So it comes out white but when you rub it on your skin it transforms and match your complexion perfectly.

The brand claims that it is an HD cream and I agree because there is something different. I put it to the test a lot during my holidays and once on of course there is no coverage but it gives me the most healthy and bouncy skin, feels like I am 15 again and that is priceless. It blurs my imperfections and even my skin tone in one go and this is revolutionary for me.

It is enriched with Centella Asiatica which is a Botanical secret Korean Ingredients. Which means in simple words that it does everything I said above, it gives you the most beautiful skin ever without looking dull or like you have put a tone of products on.

I love it even on a daily routine basis, that plus a little bit of concealer and my complexion is done. I love it and I embrace it, of course if you have skin problems the is a no no but for woman like me it is a blessing so my skin can look good and breath in through without even doing much.



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