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Cath Kidston X Disney 101 Dalmatian


I have to say than I am so exited to talk once again about a collaboration between Cath Kidston and Disney not just because I work for the brand but simply because it is getting better and better.

This is the third Collaboration between the two brands and this time those 101 Dalmatians are melting my heart. Growing up I used to love the animation and even more the movie, I love puppies and I do have a friend that has a dog with spots and I consider that dog like family.


The collection is designed around the main puppies in the movie and of course Pongo and Perdita, it is all sweet and gentle so of course there is no Cruella waiting for you around the corner. From China to nightwear without mentioning stationary and bags this collection has it all and of course I have grabbed a few bits.

Disclaimer! We, as staff don’t get any discount we are like you guys true mortals that had to wait for the D day to buy stuff but yes I admit it is a little bit easier when you do work in a store. I just wanted to make it clear, I have spend my own full money and nothing is sponsored. I do those blogpost because first I enjoy my job and second because those Collaborations are just brilliant.


First I wanted to talk bout “print”. This collection is a true marriage between the two brands plus those puppies are perfect as they are made out of spots and spots is one of Cath Kidston main print apart from Flowers.

Across the range you will find of course the same vibe with 3 main prints which are the pink spots and puppies for kids. London town roses and Dalmatians family for bags and accessories but also Dalmatians and spots across everything including China.

I have a soft spot (see the joke! wink wink!) for the Dalmatian and spots and the same version as the pink spot but in grey. It is sweet, versatile and not childish at all. This is the essence of that collaboration. Making Disney an every product you can wear and rock anywhere, anytime.



It is the best selling in every of our collaboration and the answer why is because China last forever and can become easily part of a collection. I grabbed 2 mugs, a bowl and a coaster. There was also a plate, travel mug, trinket box and more mugs but this was enough.

The mugs are simply gorgeous, I do own a Winnie the Pooh and Mickey and Minnie one and those had to be part of the collection as well. I love simple things and spots are truly cute and a very good choice but I have to warn you if you get one, you will have to get the other. That is what I did, I started with the pink and ended up getting the grey…


Bowl and Coaster

I love that bowl so so much, I should have got a second one but we are sold out. Did I mention that everything I picked up is made in England, this is china from Staffordshire and it is very finely made. So if you wanted to pick up anything truly British, those pieces are for you.

The coaster was simply because I had to, I used as a plate for my cat! I know but don’t judge me it was too cute not to buy it. My cat enjoys it very much and no she does not mind that there is dog printed on.

But overall the China is beautiful we are almost sold out across the company but there is plenty of mugs in most of the stores. It won’t last long so I would hurry if I were you guys!



I didn’t grab much as I do have plenty of any kind of stationary at home and trust me there is things I do not even use but I had to grab at least bits and bobs.

The card (and there is another design) is simply because my friend has a spotty dog and that would be perfect for her birthday and the pen just because I collect them. I love the simplicity of the design and how it is Ck without being CK and same for Disney.


Small things…

Look at that Keychain/Bag charm, how can it be cuter than that ? Of course it is now on my bag but also how lovely is the design. I simply couldn’t resist the temptation.

I am a true zip purse addict and those were screaming my name. One is our CK usual one and the other is a kids one. You truly can’t get enough of those kind of zip purse, these are perfect to organize your purse and life plus look at the design, isn’t it sweet ?

I forgot to snap the lanyard but you can see it on the first general picture. I just love the fact that they came out with a black lanyard, it is very unusual but as it is the less expensive item of the collection it is already sold out.


So you get I love it, most of the stuff are still available so at least go and check it out in a Cath Kidston store near you if you are in the Uk, if not check it online! See you at the next collaboration !



One thought on “Cath Kidston X Disney 101 Dalmatian

  1. I have some stuff too πŸ˜€ I love it, although I wasn’t so fussed by the Dalmatians as I was Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse! πŸ™‚ I had the stuff delivered home rather than to uni, so I can’t wait to get my hands on it when I’m home πŸ™‚


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