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May Favorites

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Alright ya’ll! Another month, another favorites and Oh boy, this month has been rich in discovery. I do have quite a big amount of favorites and some of those are yet to come in a full blogpost but still I am going to mention it here.

It is only make up and the only skin care slash non make up product is the body mist but I had to talk about it just because you guys need to get one for summer time. So without further do let’s dig in my discovery of the month.

First of all Lips because with the hot weather here in the Uk I did not wanted to wear huge and bold lips, I wanted light and discrete lips for some reasons. I got a few weeks back a new Lipglass from M.A.C and I think I haven’t purchase one in years but the color Nymphette appealed to me so I had to have it. I did not realize I was getting their most wanted shade and I understand why, it is so easy to through on and that color geez, hard to describe! It is like pixie dust on your lips but very light and shiny. I love it and despite the slight stickiness I don’t mind. The other one is a Buttercream Lipgloss from Bare Minerals in the shade Sugar. Now, all the Youtubers out there are raving about it and I also understand why. This is revolutionary in terms of gloss formula, I used to adore Buxom and NYX but I think this one it the Queen. It is pigmented, non sticky and last for hours. I use a lip liner underneath to accentuate the color but even on its own it does wonder to your lips, I just simply love it and I am in need now of getting more colors.

Now let’s do products in order. I am a lot more into primer than I used to and with my husband we played a little game in Boots and I ended up spending money because I fell in love with that Lancôme Pore Eraser Primer. It is pricy but so is the Benefit Porefessionnal when you think about it and it has changed my make up game so much since I use it. No more pores visible and my skin is smooth as a baby butt so now I feel that I am getting addicted to it, my poor wallet.

Foundation ? No more, it is way too hot ! Honestly in the morning my face is melting away and that Erborian CC cream is a life savior. It even my skin tone, adapt to my shade and with some concealer here and there I am good to go without having to pack tones of layer on my face. I am truly addicted and that thing stick to the skin like nothing else so when the weather outside is hot it is simply perfect.

Also I had to mention those Essence eyeshadows, I keep on using them over and over. In the morning if I want my make up to be efficient, effortless and staying all day I simply reach for my essence palette. Those shadows are £1.50 each and so darn good! I have 4 colors and all of them are just as good as a M.A.C and some even better. I can’t get enough, I need to make another palette because yes those are made for empty palette you can’t customize and if you run out well jus buy it again! Such a clever idea for small budget.

For my contour and highlight game it was very simple, only two products are standing out of the crowd. First my oh so darling Urban Decay After Glow Highlighter in Sin, this baby took me months to get but since I got it I use it everyday! It is such a pretty everyday highlighter and it is BOOM in your face, pigment is excellent and packaging adorable! Now for my contour I have to thanks my husband, he picked up that Sleek Face palette in Light and it contains all you need. A bronzer which is brown and not orange (praise the Lord!), an Highlighter that is gorgeous and finely mild and a truly beautiful blush that is a very good dupe for Nars Orgasm. This is such a high quality product for such a small price, you guys need to check that out.

Last but not least Hawaiian Tropic came out with Body mist, I did a tiny review on Instagram if you want to head over there and it is juicy and fresh. I got the Golden Paradise which is of course a creamy coconut base and the scent is simply a Pina Colada smell. The mist is fine and the actual smell last for hours so if you are going away you need that in your “Holiday” bag but also for summer even if you stay in town it is sometimes better to through on body mist than perfume in summer. Just saying’!

Et voila, tell me please what are your favorites, I am curious and that would be awesome to chat about it below. See you next month for another monthly favs!



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