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Dr Pierre Ricaud Skin Care


I come the realization lately that I have talked here and there about that brand but never dedicated a full blogpost about it. Which is stupid because I have been using Dr Pierre Ricaud products for years now and it is part of my daily skin care routine. I am also very pleased that you can actually order the products here in the UK as they have a website.


As far as I can remember I have always seen my Mom using that brand. It is a bit of an odd brand, not going to lie as an equivalent it is a bit like Avon in the USA, a brand that is kind of old fashioned, a bit pricy and after all a lot underrated as I came to the conclusion that my Mom was right, they do have a lot of great products.

In France this brand has my age, created in 1986 it was first a brand that you order by post. You know, you receive a catalogue then write all the references and obviously you post it using a check. So leaflet and catalogues have always been around and I did not paid much attention until a few years back.

For me it was a brand for older ladies with a much more mature skin but turn out Ricaud  has products for any kind of age. So I have started with products for woman under 30s and now I obviously use the 30 to 35 range. It is incredible how it has changed my life and my way of organizing my skin care routine.

Dr Pierre Ricaud Products focuses on good ingredients, targeted area and age appropriate ranges. I love the idea and it is certainly worth a shot and browsing through their website. So far I have loved everything and even if it looks expensive you can always get offers.


Capital Energie 

I used to buy the Luminessence range and unfortunately they have stop doing it but this is a very good alternative. Overall I am hooked to the serum, I haven’t quit find any brand that can compete with Ricaud so far because it is that good. The whole range is an “anti-fatigue” formula made to regenerate your skin and boost the natural energy in your skin so bye bye puffiness and hello bright and awake skin.

I got the serum as I said and the Revitalizing eye treatment. Both of them combined are such a big slap in my face in the morning because A. I keep them in the fridge and B. because the active ingredients in the formula are like coffee but for your skin. My face and eyes feels awake instantly and of course it has improved a lot the dryness in my skin since I am using those products.

The Serum is in texture not a gel but more like a cream, it does sink in quickly and the scent is also a big part in putting your skin in condition. My skin is way more radiant, smooth and yes the sign of fatigues are almost gone. The formula is based on a Targeted pro emerging to condition and protect your skin in the best way possible.

The Eye treatment is everything I love in an eye gel and it comes in a roller ball. In the morning if your eyes are puffy and dull the best way to fight that is a roller ball. The reason is if you leave it in the fridge it will  be very cool on your skin and cold is the best way to treat that area. This product is enriched with Targeted Hesperidin which is a product known to renew cells and regenerate the skin. Apply it in motion and massage the skin for a better drainage and to active the ingredients.



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