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Top 5 Tv Show of My Teens


I have to admit that it is more of a “top 5 Tv Shows in the 90’s” but I was a teenager back then and you know what I am still a big massive fan of these shows in my 30s.

That being said please don’t judge me and try to understand my 13 years old self ok ? Although who does not like Friends or Sabrina the Teenage Witch come one… so know let me explain you why I was so hooked and maybe I will give you to urge to go and binge watch to Tv Shows.


I mean, Buffy the Vampire Slayer!!!!! I was such a big fan back in the days. I was even subscribed to the french fanclub. I know ! But this is a show worth watching because it was created and directed by Joss Whedon and let’s be frank, this guy is the master of freak horror!

What I mean by “freak horror” is horror very well done but funny with a twist. Buffy is the queen of SARCASM and for someone like me I believe it has influenced a lot my grown up personnality. When Buffy says to an annoying vampire “you know what, bite me” I am done. Mic drop ! Big time!

You have to watch it because A it is still relevant today and for me it is the best “horror-vampire” TV show made up until now. I mean, seriously don’t even talk about the vampire diaries. But also B it is worth watching because Sarah Michelle Gellar is a bad ass, her crew is amazing and story line will keep you on the edge all the time.

sabrinatheteenagewitch.jpgSabrina the Teenage Witch

This show is such an amazing adaptation of the Archie Comics character. I do love the cast, story line and GUYS please don’t tell me that you did not fell in Love with Salem, the best Sarcastic black cat ever. Of course it was a really bad made cat but We loved it!

Melissa Joan Hart is such a good memory in my head, I wanted to be her and of course I secretly wanted to be a witch. Her Aunties were so lovable and her magic, geez I still think that special effects were really well done for a show started in the 90s.

I have followed Sabrina’s adventures from 1996 to 2003 and I have grown up with her that entire time from high school to University and of course until she got her first job. I loved every bit and I am still thrilled to watch en episode when it is on Tv.


If you don’t know Friends, haven’t watch an episode or got a glimpse of it well, where have you been your whole life ? On another planet maybe ? This is the funniest show ever, honestly you can bond with a person just by quoting Friends.

During 10 seasons it was a blast and honestly I am still in tears every time I watch the last episode because it is the end of an era all over again. I did follows those guys for such a long time that even if the show ended more than a decade ago well they are still part of my life.

Watching Friends was like having those 6 new members of a family all at the same time. I am not just in love the characters but the fact also that those actors are amazing and now they are a pillar of TV comedy.

So if you don’t know (God bless you, It is hard to type) Friends or haven’t watch it for a while, do it now!


This show is part of a friendship for me! I have bonded with a friend in High School just by watching it. He was obsessed and I was deeply into the idea that I was a witch (again, yet, same old same old).

The cast is brilliant even though they replaced Shannen Doherty pretty quickly, I guess she has a story of upsetting people on set and as a matter of fact, Rose McGowan was even better. So you follow the story of 3 witches in their home in San Francisco and you get hooked on episode one because it is such a brilliant idea.

Charmed started in 1998 and has ended 8 seasons later. I love how you get a cocktail of everything here, it is a bit of Buffy meet Sabrina in the same Tv Show. It is funny, sad and I love the magic in that show, very well done.

Beverly Hills 90210

This one took me a while to rather add it as an extra or make it number 5. I guess I had to because I watched it all and followed it until the last episodes. My sister started back in 1990 to watch it and then when I started Middle school around 12 that is when I was really into it.

You probably know also the reboot that happened a few years back but this one is even better. Full of nostalgia, totally 90s and very dramatic. At that time there was nothing like that on TV and even if it was totally Aaron Spelling kind of shit well I was into it.

Series start with Brendon and Brenda (lol) moving in to California from Minessota to start a new life in a new fancy school. Nothing much here but yet after 10 years on air everybody was still watching. It was one of those show you were talking about at schools with your friends and in France it was so American so in few words very interesting to watch and so “cool”.



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