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Elizabeth Arden Untold


It has been a while since I have reviewed a perfume and even if I love it and own many kind of types well when I find one I usually stick to it for a long while. I got sucked by the outter packaging, sleek and mint green so what more can I say ? Also the bottle is so classy and the color or the actually perfume is Mint green so there you go I am totally hooked.

Now, I have found that little gem in TK Maxx and I have to say that it is the best place to try out new scent for a low price guys. The only downside is the fact that you can’t smell it but that is what google is made for, so I looked up online the reviews main notes and scents and I purchase it. I mean for £9.99 that is worth trying it.

For starter, this is not a proper perfume, it is an “Eau Fraiche” which means that it is lighter and alcohol is way less overwhelming in the formula. In conclusion Untold is the perfect fragrance for summer as it is light, feminine and way more subtile.


This fragrance is very fresh, floral but yet sweet in many ways. It will not suit everyone because it is very crisp and more on the playfull side. It is one of those scent you know, you need to have the personality to go with.

So it you were looking for something new, fresh and light Untold by Elizabeth Arden is for you.

Top Notes
Mandarin, Sparkling White Tea, Lush Green Pear

Middle Notes
Freesia, Lily of the Valley, Orange Flower

Base Notes
Cashmere Woods, Musk, Vetiver



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