Make Up and Beauty

My Summer Essentials


Summer is always a time when routines change because it is hot, sticky and of course the sun is shinning. So we need to stay hydrated, protected and comfortable. Here is with no further do my five summer essentials to survive a hot weather in the city.

Let’s start with the make up related products. When it is hot and the temperature is above and beyond 30 degrees you need to rethink your routine and what is on your face. I got the Kiko City Filter primer a while back in the sale and since I live in London I never got the opportunity until a couple of weeks back to test it. It is an SPF 50 which is brilliant and it set your face in the best possible way, it is also enriched with Vitamins and glides on easily. It feels like puting on a moisturiser which is very nice as I was expecting a sunscreen type of texture. Generally speaking you need a primer with SPF to protect your face if like me you are wearing make up in summer. We don’t always realise it but it is important, make up do not protect from sun damaged. So I use this one but any would do or just mix a little bit of suncreen into your daily moisturiser or primer and that would do the job.

On my face I have been addicted to CC cream for many reasons and the Erborian one is a favorite of mine. Easy to apply, light in texture and on top of everything even my tone without looking caky. It is my skin but better and when you don’t have any particular skin problem CC cream is your answer in summer. It also let my skin breathe and I look well put together without putting on a tone of products on my face. If you wanted other references L’Oreal has a great CC cream and ELF also in terms of price is really good.

To hydrate my skin with or without make up I love to carry a bottle of Evian Mist. It is just pure water in a can that you can spray on as many time as you wish. My Mom use to carry a huge bottle when we were going to the Beach to spray me because when you burn it is very nice and soothing to get mineral water on your face or body rather than salty one. There isn’t that many brands offering that kind of spray but Evian is affordable, you can find it in most drugstore and it comes it different sizes. Having a tiny one in your purse is a must have and as I said if you have make up on it will refresh your look without metling your face, perfectly safe trust me!

For my lips I tend to stay aways for any kind of drying product in summer so goodbye liquid lips, matte lipstick and even heavy duty full on coverage type of lippy! I love to keep it simple most of time and lip balm is always great to carry around. I love to get pots in summer as sticks tend to melt and look disgusting but you know, you do you. That being said I love the coconut Nivea lip butter, it is hydrating and it smells like summer. Do I need to say more ?

You know how much I love perfume but in summer it can be a bit overwhelming so instead I tend to go toward body mist instead. You can spray it over and over without smelling like your old Aunty on a hot summer day and it does cool you down and refresh your body. The Hawaiian Tropic ones are affordable, fresh and I am Sorry but thar signature scent brings me back on memory lane. Love the creamy coconut one as it does smell like a Pina Colada but go and try it, for £10 it is a very good investment for summer.



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