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3 Netflix Show you MUST watch !


You guys know how much I love my Netflix, old or original I like to binge watch and discover new things. I am not going to lie I have watch a lot of things and it is getting really hard to find something I like and that I will not consume within the week but that being said the 3 tv shows I am going to talk about are not that huge in terms of seasons and if you are like me, (an addict) you will go trough it quickly.


Anne with an A

If you are from an “english” heritage you probably know Anne from Green Gables. It is a classic of littérature and such a powerful novel even nowadays.

In the 90s a tv series came out and if you are in your 30s you probably remember it ; I was such a fan! This series is a reboot or maybe just a simple different adaptation of the novel and it is brilliant.

The cast is spot on and the girl playing Anne Shirley (Amybeth McNulty) is incredible. It is a much more “darker” version, a little bit more on the inner feelings side and you get to know Anne better than in any previous tv series.

It was short but each episodes lasted around an hour. The tone takes time to settle and the picture is very poetic because they have chosen to shoot scenes with a lot of symbolics behind.

I got hooked the first 10 minutes and cannot wait for a season two. This is not a show for everyone, I agree but the angle they have chosen is very interesting. You get to know better the American-Canadian history and how things were back then and just for that it is worth watching.


Orphan Black

It took me ages to finally click on the icon. But I had save that show in my list for month. I had nothing to watch and I thought “oh go on” plus there is 4 seasons to calm my craving.

I was not disappointed because the first episode set the entire show tone and it is fresh and different. Just please Netflix change your “summary” because that is why I was not watching, it was not selling the serie properly.

The storyline without giving too many spoilers is about cloning. The main actress (Tatiana Maslany) plays all her clones of course and she deserve so much credits for it. She plays all of them so well that every time the show focus on a clone you forget it is the same person. It does really feel that they are all different and for that, girl I just have to applause.

The whole cast apart from the clones is really well picked, Felix is my personnal Fav. But the story is way more than the science-conspiracy theory. You get a science fiction vibe very quickly and it gets better and better.


It is an on going show so very pleased about that and this season (number 5!) it is epic!


The designated Survivor

I have to say that I am neither a political show person nor a Keifer Sutherland fan. Nothing against both just did not appeal to me until now.

The idea is very clever and actually I didn’t know that the Usa government had a Designated Survivor, I did not know it was a real thing ! So you follow the new appointed President after a terrible bombing that took place in the capitol (which killed everyone at the white house including congress, president etc…) and of course there all the ingredients. A little bit of patriotism, Terrorists, secrets services and of course conspiracy.

But every episode is full of action and you don’t actually feel bored one seconds plus at each ends you have a cliffhanger… love it ! It is an on going show so please try it even if you were sceptical like me.



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