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Poundland Planner Stickers


It has been a while since I have talked about planning and planners but it is only because  at some point I find myself buying constantly from the same shops so there is nothing new to show you guys.

That being say I was in Poundland lately and OMG they have stepped up their stationary game and look at what I found. I got 3 different sets and those are incredible, no joke. I love that some of them are foiled and in each pack you get for sheets for a £1, that is such a bargain guys.


They have constantly good stuff in Poudland and it is such a good and affordable way to get your stationary game on point here in the UK.

They had only 3 different type of styles but you never know, maybe next time I will find more, and the brand is called “So useful” so it is actually hard to find a website or anything, I don’t even know where it is made, it doesn’t say much on the package.

But I have used those stickers and I love them, so if you find yourself in a Poudland just grab those stickers if you can, great quality for an affordable price.


As a bonus, They also had some sticky notes, I am sucker for sticker notes I used them everywhere, there was plenty to choose from but I was a good girl and I only picked up on pack. Again same brand, same price and great quality.



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