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Sleek Contouring and Blush Palette


It has been a while since I have talked about a sleek product and you guys are going to be surprised because this one is a gift from my husband. Well I was in the shop with him but he picked it up for me. We did a private “my husband buy my make up” challenge, I gave him a basket in Boots and left him alone for like 30 minutes and the results were hilarious. But out of of the blue he got very good stuff and this contour kit was one of them.


This kit exist in 4 shades and you probably get that I got the light and it comes with a bronzer, a blush and an highlighter. There is also a fair version but it is way to peachy for me so it is a no no.

I look on the website and on the packaging but those shades have no names. The blush is very similar to the rose gold blush from the same brand I have which is a dupe for the Nars orgasm and I love it, I had mine for a while so it is good to have a replacement. The highlight is very subtle and pigmented, it is good for your highest point on your face not to contour though because there is shimmer.


The Bronzer is perfect, not orange or mud color just a perfect cold brown. I have a light skin but my undertone is natural so anything too orange is awful on me and anything to muddy make my complexion look dirty so I have to say that Sleek you nailed it.

That kit is around the £10 and worth every single penny. Packaging is steady, mirror is big and on the plus side the product is not chalky nor too over the top. All those 3 shades are easy to blend and use on the go. Perfect to travel and very well protected now it is sold as a “contour” kit but in my opinion due the shimmer in 2 of the shades it is a bit of lie but nevertheless I love that palette.

So it is Allie approved, Sleek is usually a very good brand generally speaking and price point are great so if you are in a Boots, check it out.



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