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E.L.F Brand Focus Part 1 : Face


Ok so this is very exiting for me because I did tried E.l.f in the past but not that deep. The brand has a UK website and there is always an offer, a free gift or X amount off you can expect. I order those babies with the summer code which entitled me to 50% off. So in a few words this order was a bargain.

I have to mention that even if there was no issue with my order, tracking or products that it take time to arrive on your doorstep. I did not realise that it was coming from the US so from the moment you order it takes around 2 weeks to arrive! As it is a Uk website though don’t worry you don’t get the customs at all. The other good news is that it is well packed all tracked so you get to know where it is at all time. Just bear in mind that it will take time to arrive and it is something they should mention.

There is nothing I disliked. I did honestly picked up good items. I still need to make up an opinion on the concealer, I am not sure yet but overall, I love everything.

This post will be in two part just because there is a lot to discuss so today we are going to focus on “Face” and next one will be on “Eyes” and “Lips”.


Face products

I got a lot of complexion items, I wanted to try out a bit of everything and I was pleasantly surprised. So far my knowledge of that brand is based on their blushes and lipstick stick so not very deep.

I picked up a foundation and it was hard to choose because there is a lot to choose from. I got the Oil free SPF 15 sunscreen flawless finish foundation and it is a winner, I tried it few times but I have to say that it has been hot and I have been wearing only CC cream but so far so good. Coverage is very good, medium I would say and you can build it. I was surprised at first because it is very thick but once on the face it blends like a dream. I would recommend to blend beforehand any type of glow cream if you wanted a more dewy finish though. But it lasted all day, no shine and no touch up. None of the product fade away, horray!!! It was the right color for me just so you know, ref is


The HD concealer not so sure, perfect to conceal imperfection but way too dark to brighten and conceal your under eyes. The consistency is quite thick which is good but the color range is poor, the one I got is in the light shade and to be honest I would have prefer an even lighter version. So it is not bad just don’t use it underneath your eyes.


I also got the HD Powder in Sheer as I only read and heard good reviews. I am desperately looking for a good baking powder and this one is amazing. It is very finally mild and as I got the sheet one it does not add color or turn your make up caky in any way. I love the fact that it is a versatile product as it very good to set your make up with a few swipe but you can also pack that baby up to bake wherever you like. I found my make up budge proof and my skin flawless since I am using that powder. I also love the simple packaging and the sifter as you can lock the powder to prevent it from going everywhere which means that it is travel friendly.


I had to pick another blush as the formula is as good as most of the high end ones. I got the Blush in Mellow Mauve, and this is their basic formula. The color is a muted mauve, very light with fine speckles of silver. It is a lovely color for an everyday make up but also very bold to use for any specific make up if you build it. Packaging is almost identical to Nars and you can a slim mirror inside so very well done for such a tiny price.


The whole beauty world has been raving about that Baked Highlighter in Moonlight Pearls and I got lucky as it was in stock. Packaging is basic but sometimes when the product is that good it is ok which is the case here. When you swatch it first it is quite rough and the shade doesn’t reall show up BUT I read that you need to scratch the first layer with your nail to actually get in. This was so true, once you have done that you get the most beautiful highlighter in the whole wild world of drugstore make up. It is though a color for light complexion but look at that glow, even as an eyeshadow that would be pretty on anybody!

That is it for today. Stay tuned for part 2 at some point next week if you want to learn more about Lips and Eyes products.




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